The Date

The Date

Bob Heckleman is as boring as people come. At least that’s what he thinks people think about him. But, a blind date is about to change his life.

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17 Reasons why . . .

2017 Reasons Why

As we get ready to bid adieu to 2017, I realise that the year has constantly emphasized the need for me to do one thing – make changes. Perhaps, these 17 reasons will explain why.

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Parenting Gen : Alpha

Parenting Generation Alpha

While my parenting experience is in no way exhaustive, I’ve come to the conclusion that parenting this new generation of ‘alpha’ children is more complex than expected.

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I Fear . . .


Have you ever felt that some of your fears are irrational?

Maybe a little bit baseless and you’re perhaps being a little superstitious (or something similar)?

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You, Me and Us

Us - You and ME

1462 days. 

If I were to convert that into hours, I reckon it’ll be over 35000 hours. 

That’s how long we’ve been together. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

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Slow Down and Live More

Slow Down

We live in a hurried world with jobs, families, kids, career, responsibilities and much more that constantly force us to be in ‘Get Shit Done!’ mode. We seem to rush through everything – seasons, life, relationships, even sleep. To be honest, I crave for simpler times.

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Dear Men….

Sick Men

Dear Men,

It’s that time of year when you and I are about to get reacquainted. I see that look of fear in your eyes, although personally, I consider that as a sign of respect. After all, it’s important that you know who the boss is. And of course, the people around you too.

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I See You

I see You Anita

Anita Roy has everything going for her – near-perfect husband, an amazing family and a job that she is darn good at.
But life is rarely so perfect for anyone. Somewhere, somehow – the past always catches up.

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Alt – Tolerance


Tolerance is a weird thing. We have it for things we probably shouldn’t, and have none of it for things we should be supporting.
Not a topic I write about usually. But I can no longer feign that I’m not affected by things around me.

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Have you ever felt like an imposter? I have.


I have often been crippled by the thought that normal people like me could not possibly be worthy of great things or such success. I have lived in the perpetual fear that someday, someone will discover what an imposter I am.

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Too Hot to Handle

hot summer

Summer and I go back a long way. In fact, every time she comes around, she brings me an unforgettable gift. One that’s ‘too hot to handle’.

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