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I WROTE THOSE is an award-winning personal blog authored by Sid Balachandran

I Wrote Those
a little about..


An engineer, who swapped my decade-long professional career to be a work-from-home Dad.
When not running after my four-year old son, I write about fatherhood, parenting in general, social satire, humour and fiction. 

I’ve been featured in:
 Huffington Post India |  Complete Wellbeing | Buzzing Bubs | Mycity4kids | ZenParent | Women’s Web | SANT 



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From the Blog

Check out some of my latest work

Would you like to know me better?

A set of 55 questions, the answers to which reveal some of my deepest, darkest, most secret thoughts. Well, maybe ;)

Is your Blog a Brand?

Is your Blog a Brand?

Do you think your blog is a brand? If you're serious about it, maybe you should start seeing it as one. Note: In the context of this post, the term 'brand' refers to 'brand image' ; Not in terms of monetizing your blog.


I promise. Do you ?

We are fast forgetting what it means to wake up one day without news of a terror attack somewhere. Will we let the world end on our watch?



Advisory: ' Abducted ' may be a tad disturbing to read. Please continue reading at your own risk. Contains descriptions that are slightly graphic in nature.


Why don’t you listen to me?

"Why don't you listen to me?" A question that I've repeatedly asked my son, only to have him turn his innocent looking face into a pout and then subsequently smile. Well, today, on FAther's Day, he answers.

Food and Masterchef

On Food and Masterchefs

A personal post about my thoughts on food and on a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience of meeting the Masterchef Australia judges. Warning: Expect slightly increased load times because of the images.


Why I sometimes write for free

'Would you write for free?' The inevitable question that every freelance writer and blogger faces. In this post, I chart out some findings based on my experience and try to highlight why 'sometimes', writing for exposure, isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Hotel toiletries - Kleptomania

Confessions of a Hotel Kleptomaniac

Have you ever felt a little nagging feeling, gnawing away at your conscience; sort of like a rat desperately trying to dig its way out? I have. And if ‘research’ is to be believed, I might be a ‘thief’; and you might just be one too.

From the Ashes

From the ashes

"In order to rise from the ashes, a phoenix first must burn" A short story inspired by the real tales of a few survivors.


On Motherhood and Parenting

An introspective post on motherhood, fatherhood and the responsibility of parenting. Yes, Daddy Journals it is.

Romance books

My trysts with Romance

They say, 'If you want romance, read a book!'. But we're all romantics at heart, aren't we? Here's a little note about my trysts with romance. Yes, I reveal all. Or, do I?


65 days of Summer

I've been struggling with sleep for the past few nights. It arrives as expected - like Santa Claus on Christmas; but then it leaves quite unexpectedly, leaving me wide awake at around 3 or 4 in the morning. Of late, these 3am 'wandering thoughts' have been about one particular thing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.34.56 AM

On Microfiction & One Frame Stories

'What are the minimum number of words that you require, to say/write a story?' Experts say that number could be as low as 6. Microfiction and Flash fiction is something that I've been writing a lot of lately, mostly because it helps me look at stories from a different perspective. Most of all, it helps your think outside the box. In this post, I share two 99-word stories that I've written as well as point you to a site that may help you.

Kids racing

Of Kids and competitive parents

Are we raising a generation of fair-playing kids or competitive parents?


Odd man out: Confessions of a #SAHD

So, how does it really feel to be a #SAHD in India? Well, read on to find out.


Baking Happiness!

People who know me, often say that I can be put in a good mood just by mentioning the word cake. In this post, I reveal the secret of 'why'. Welcome to Bake-o-therapy - 101.