Hey Dad, Can you walk the walk?

What’s happening in the world nowadays troubles and worries me in many ways – as a human being who is concerned about others, as an adult who sees rampant misogyny and frequently hears reports of sexual assault, as a man who feels that he should be doing more to stand up for others, especially women, as a husband who hopes (and prays) that his wife and women he knows are safe when they go out, and as a father who is trying his best to raise a son who will respect women and everyone else.


Of course, it doesn’t help that we live in a society that is quick to objectify women, turn a blind eye to them being molested, stalked, insulted or raped and then make them feel like it was all their fault. But it is imperative for us to realise that together we form, what is called, the ‘society’ and are responsible for ensuring that everyone around us feels and remains safe. It is also high time for us to realise that fathers can play an active role in raising sons who will grow up to create a fairer, more equal and safer society.


This article is part of my write-up at Parent Circle for #InternationalWomensDay2017. 

Read the rest here: Raising boys who respect women – a father’s take

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  1. Sons prefer to listen to their dads than their moms. Not just listen, but imitate. The dad’s behaviour goes a long way in setting the right example. As parents we do the best we can, but the children listen to their own friends too. We can only hope they take the right lessons/influences out of both.
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  2. Just read the post. These are excellent points Sid. Kids learn by example and from early on they need to see an unbiased environment at home where everyone is respected. Often they pick some stereotype from their friends or school, in general. I believe parents needs to be mindful of that too 🙂
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  3. Ideally, it’s the father who ought to teach his son by example, and if that happens, we can be assured the son will grow up to be respectful towards women. What an ideal society we will have, won’t we? Ideal, safe and secure.
    Just reading this article gave me a lot of hope.

  4. Well said, Sid. Both father and mother are responsible in raising responsible kids. If and when kids make mistakes, often people blame it on mothers. Respect, kindness, and compassion should never be gender biased. Both men and women deserve it equally. Glad to read your take on this.

  5. One of the most logical articles I have read of late. It is imperative not just for women to teach their sons but also men to lead by example. The root cause of the deteriorating condition of women safety is basic upbringing. Brilliant piece Sid. may your tribe increase!

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