Why I sometimes write for free

‘Would you write for free?’
The inevitable question that every freelance writer and blogger faces.
In this post, I chart out some findings based on my experience and try to highlight why ‘sometimes’, writing for exposure, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Confessions of a Hotel Kleptomaniac

Hotel toiletries - Kleptomania

Have you ever felt a little nagging feeling, gnawing away at your conscience; sort of like a rat desperately trying to dig its way out?

I have.

And if ‘research’ is to be believed, I might be a ‘thief’; and you might just be one too.

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On Motherhood and Parenting


An introspective post on motherhood, fatherhood and the responsibility of parenting. Yes, Daddy Journals it is.

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My trysts with Romance

They say, ‘If you want romance, read a book!’. But we’re all romantics at heart, aren’t we?
Here’s a little note about my trysts with romance. Yes, I reveal all.
Or, do I?

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