Baking Happiness!

People who know me, often say that I can be put in a good mood just by mentioning the word cake.
In this post, I reveal the secret of ‘why’.
Welcome to Bake-o-therapy – 101.

Have you found your dream home yet?

Bruno remembered the exact moment when he realised something life-changing was about to happen.

A sponsored post but with a little ‘tale’ in it.

I pledge for school bus safety. Do you?

When you become a parent, there’s an invisible agreement thrust into your hands beckoning you to sign it. An agreement that no matter what, we will worry about anything and everything when it comes to our children. Most of all, their safety when they’re away from us.
A sponsored post, but on a topic that is close to every parent’s heart and one that is the need of the hour.

Grey shades of love | #flashfiction

Love. Sometimes you find it in the most unlikeliest places. And sometimes between the least likely characters.
A piece of short flash fiction from the cauldron for a change. No twists.