65 days of Summer


I’ve been struggling with sleep for the past few nights. It arrives as expected – like Santa Claus on Christmas; but then it leaves quite unexpectedly, leaving me wide awake at around 3 or 4 in the morning.
Of late, these 3am ‘wandering thoughts’ have been about one particular thing.

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On Microfiction & One Frame Stories

‘What are the minimum number of words that you require, to say/write a story?’ Experts say that number could be as low as 6.
Microfiction and Flash fiction is something that I’ve been writing a lot of lately, mostly because it helps me look at stories from a different perspective. Most of all, it helps your think outside the box.
In this post, I share two 99-word stories that I’ve written as well as point you to a site that may help you.

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