Father and Son

I’ve often heard people say that “Parenting is the toughest job in the world”. And now that I’m a parent, I agree. The hours are weird, your employer has crazy demands and despite having a hot teammate, you’d find yourself wanting some “you-time”. Add to the fact, that if you are a full-time parent to …

Time before Time – Guest Post

A birthday gift-post – an interesting piece of short fiction – by two uber-talented writers (and good friends) – Hema Anavatti and Jaibala Rao.

A guide to wacky baby gear

The world of baby products is truly magical. You have all kinds there – weird, wonderful, innovative and often just plain bizarre. It is a world, where marketing is king and one where new parents can usually drown in. But as with everything, there is always a line. A line, that if crossed, can lead to some wacky and strange products, like these.

Grandpa Bubs

Jamie was wide awake. He knew that it was past his bedtime, but the excitement was much more than what his little heart could take. He’d spent the last hour tossing and turning in bed, shaking his legs repeatedly trying to fall asleep. But sleep just wouldn’t come. He turned on his side and quietly …