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I Wrote Those

Sid Balachandran
Freelance Writer & Designer

An engineer who swapped his professional career to be a Work-from-home Dad. When not running after my four-year-old son, I write about Fatherhood, Parenting in general, Social Satire, Humour and some Fiction.


This blog – I Wrote Those – was awarded the ‘Best Personal Blog in India’ at the WIN’15 Awards held by

It was also recently awarded Runner-Up in the Humour Category and Winner in the Special Mention: Dad Blogging categories at the Orange Flower Awards held by Women’s Web


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Articles and Posts

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Love Relationships

On love, relationships and #WhatWomenReallyWant

A chance conversation with a friend about relationships and the opportunity to speak at an event titled #WhatWomenReallyWant is how we ended up with this piece. Oh! And there's a video. Of what? Well, you're just going to have to read/watch and find out.

Help! I’ve read a Parenting Book!

There is such a thing as 'too much information'. Especially when it comes to Parenting. Sometimes, we just need to 'wing it'

16 . . . going on 17

I’m usually a ‘let’s look forward’ kind of person, rather than keep staring at the ‘rearview’ mirror types, when it comes to years. But as we move from 'not-so-sweet 16' to 'hopeful 17', here are 16 lessons I've learnt so far.

The Writing Conundrum

I have a rather peculiar problem that relates to writing. I don't think we're quite in 'love'.

The Great Indian ATM Quest

From making chit chat with strangers to sharing a pizza, the Great Indian ATM quest has been eye-opening. But sometimes, theres an App that can help.

‘Amma’ Mia

'Amma' Mia - A little confession for this mother of mine. She hates PDA, so let's share it :D

Begin Again

They say 'Time heals everything'. But, does it really? Some wounds are deeper than they appear.

Travel Blues and Wanderlust bugs

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says 'Travel' ?


Help! I've been Daddy-Tagged!

A Mug of …..

I develop strange relationships with inanimate objects. Like mugs. What can I say - sometimes, a mug is not just a mug.

Of Girls, Boys, Dolls and Trucks

"Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys. Women can't be the primary wage earner in a family. Men can't do household work. A working mother is evil for choosing career over her kids. " Have you ever considered that the reason that we're so far away from gender equality is because we're too busy adhering to stereotypes and not breaking some of these? #DaddyJournals

Shampoo and Hair

What’s your Shampoo?

Shampoo shopping gives most of us this ‘Joe Fox-esque’ moment. Remember the scene from the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ where Tom Hanks’ character talks about buying coffee at places like Starbucks. If you modify it slightly, I think it works well for shampoos too.

Subbu’s Sacrifice

In order to pass this exam, Subbu may promise to sacrifice the unthinkable! PS: If you get a pop-up on your browser, asking you to accept push notifications from this site, I'd appreciate it if you could press that Allow button. I promise - no spam.

The Bakery

Dr.Perry has warned chubby little Gary to stay off sweets and cakes. But when a new bakery teases him with its lovely aromas, can he resist?


Me, for Her

Do you remember the moment you first saw her? I do!

50 Shades of Fun : #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet

Blogger Meets are almost always fun. Especially when they involve colours. Lots of them. A brief write up about the recent blogger meet held by Berger Paints and IndiBlogger