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Sid Balachandran

I am an independent writer, multi-award winning blogger and a short-story author, who has been published in a number of leading magazines and online portals. Professionally an engineer, I am now a work-from-home Dad, and write on parenting, social satire, humour, lifestyle and writing in general. 

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hot summer

Too Hot to Handle

Summer and I go back a long way. In fact, every time she comes around, she brings me an unforgettable gift. One that's 'too hot to handle'.

World of Robots

Oh, what a wonderful world!

When I was little, I always thought it would fabulous to live in a world where we had robots and gadgets for everything. And we're now closer to such a future than ever before. But does it come at a cost?

The Young And The Restless

 There are days when I look at my soon-to-be five-year-old and be awed about ‘how mature he is and how...

Help! I’ve read a Parenting Book!

There is such a thing as 'too much information'. Especially when it comes to Parenting. Sometimes, we just need to 'wing it'

16 . . . going on 17

I’m usually a ‘let’s look forward’ kind of person, rather than keep staring at the ‘rearview’ mirror types, when it comes to years. But as we move from 'not-so-sweet 16' to 'hopeful 17', here are 16 lessons I've learnt so far.

The Writing Conundrum

I have a rather peculiar problem that relates to writing. I don't think we're quite in 'love'.

Begin Again

They say 'Time heals everything'. But, does it really? Some wounds are deeper than they appear.

Shampoo and Hair

What’s your Shampoo?

Shampoo shopping gives most of us this ‘Joe Fox-esque’ moment. Remember the scene from the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ where Tom Hanks’ character talks about buying coffee at places like Starbucks. If you modify it slightly, I think it works well for shampoos too.


Me, for Her

Do you remember the moment you first saw her? I do!

Hello, Can you hear me?

    Have you ever wondered how it would feel if you could hear nothing? Not the chirping birds, the...

Are your kids missing out on their last chance to grow?

As a parent, I’ve always naively assumed that a lot of parenting woes about my child’s growth would end by the time he reached five. This was until I recently spoke to a fellow mother who said something that set some alarm bells ringing in my head.

Hey Dad, Can you walk the walk?

"We live in a world where the onus is being put on women to protect themselves, rather than teaching men to respect women and all living beings. As a father to a son who grows up in this world, I refuse to stand by simply and just watch. The change starts with you. So are you ready to walk the talk? I am."


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