Alt – Tolerance


Tolerance is a weird thing. We have it for things we probably shouldn’t, and have none of it for things we should be supporting.
Not a topic I write about usually. But I can no longer feign that I’m not affected by things around me.

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As the December wind whistled through the dry leaves of the Amaltas tree in their back yard, she tossed in her secret blend of spices. “Ammi-jaan, Faruq and Imran will be coming home with me after special class. Can you make your special biriyani please?”. His teenage words rung fresh in her ears, as the […]

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The Journey

Seven-year old Isla Bowd let out a big yawn – one that caused her eyes to water. She hated early mornings. It was bad enough when she had to do it every day for school. But she’d not anticipated having to do it during her holidays too. “If only we could have stayed back for a […]

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