I See You

I see You Anita

Anita Roy has everything going for her – near-perfect husband, an amazing family and a job that she is darn good at.
But life is rarely so perfect for anyone. Somewhere, somehow – the past always catches up.

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A spoonful of Mango Chutney – A review

Of late, there has been a surge of anthologies by Indian authors. And if I’m honest, it scares me. Simply because I am yet to read one that has made me go “oomph! – That was exceptional stuff!” Another thing that I find slightly worrisome is writing reviews for anthologies. I mean, how does one actually review an eclectic […]

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The Dilemma

James hung up the phone and let out a sigh. It seemed like his sister, Joanne was having one of her anxiety attacks again. This time it was something involving her teenage son, Adam, who was about to celebrate his 13th birthday in a couple of days.  Joanne, had always been overly protective of people she […]

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