17 Reasons why . . .

2017 Reasons Why

As we get ready to bid adieu to 2017, I realise that the year has constantly emphasized the need for me to do one thing – make changes. Perhaps, these 17 reasons will explain why.

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I Fear . . .


Have you ever felt that some of your fears are irrational?

Maybe a little bit baseless and you’re perhaps being a little superstitious (or something similar)?

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You, Me and Us

Us - You and ME

1462 days. 

If I were to convert that into hours, I reckon it’ll be over 35000 hours. 

That’s how long we’ve been together. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

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Slow Down and Live More

Slow Down

We live in a hurried world with jobs, families, kids, career, responsibilities and much more that constantly force us to be in ‘Get Shit Done!’ mode. We seem to rush through everything – seasons, life, relationships, even sleep. To be honest, I crave for simpler times.

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