50 Shades of Fun : #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet

hpYat01ipJO8Xli3oj2B   With all of us now recovered from the post-lunch lethargy, we were now charged up for the session that followed. Chandranath Banerjee from Berger Paints India, then took centre stage, where he gave a very animated and interactive session that included a brief history of the company, their desire to keep on innovating and the thought-process behind delivering hassle-free painting solutions to their customers.   KJbvAyq1K3wti5ploYrO  
Berger Express Painting is a new age end-to-end painting solution provided by trained painters using automatic tools. It gives the consumer a faster, cleaner, better and hassle-free painting experience. The Express Service is provided by Berger Paints India and is executed by trained painters.*     


What impressed most of us was not just the fact that he decided not to do a Powerpoint presentation, but rather give us a very passionate pitch about how their service worked, and explained everything in terms that were easy to understand. The Q&A session was extremely interactive, and gave us all further insight into the colourful world of Berger Express painting and the potential benefits. We were also invited to take a look at some of the express painting equipment that they had out in the market today, and ask any questions that we may have had.


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This was soon followed by the fun events that IB and Team Berger had promised. Splitting us into teams of 5, they set us two tasks. The first one was for us to get downright dirty and sandpaper a large block of wood. The aim - to smoothen the surface as much as we could by removing any dirt and abrasions. Decked up with a face mask, gloves and a surgical cap, we set out to deliver our ‘surgical strike against abrasions’. Of course, our team, aptly named Painter Dhakus, did get a bit carried away with our strikes and ended up taking off the entire coat of the paint.Fortunately, the judges gave us another shot with a fresh board, and we finished it in a record time of 2.12 minutes.


Surgical Strike against Abrasions


Spurred on by our fantastic team work, we went into round two, where after a crash course on ‘Mixing Paint and strainers’, all the teams were given a few categories to choose from. Our team decided to go with ‘Namma Bengaluru’ and created this masterpiece - ‘Don’t Steel Bengaluru’.


Painter Dhakus
  Even though, we did this in about 20 minutes, the activity gave us a really good hands-on experience about the science that goes into mixing the colours and strainers to get the perfect shade that we wanted. But the sheer mess we created made us think that we should probably leave the painting to the experts. In fact, one of the biggest USPs for Berger Express Painting is that you can get their trained and certified painters to come in, and get the painting done - even if it is just one wall - for the same cost as  you would request their normal painting solutions. What’s more is that their painters would also take care of ensuring your furniture is protected, and minimise the need for cleaning later on. So that’s faster, cleaner, and definitely better painting solution for no extra cost.  Or just head to the Berger Paint's official site for all the info you need.
Some of the other teams put up really creative art works too, and overall it was a whole load of fun for a Saturday afternoon. While the fact that our team won the first place for the activities was great, the true success of the event lay in the fact that despite all our complaints, it is always fun to meet your friends from the blogging world and get to spend some quality time with them. And when it’s doing such fun activities, that fun just multiplies a lot more. The lovely Goodie bags and vouchers that some of us won were just icing on the cake.  
The Blogger Bunch
Eventually, we all returned home, having had a fun day. Of course, I might tell my 4yo otherwise. If I tell him how much fun I had, he’ll insist on accompanying me the next time ?
You can check out the rest of the photos from IndiBlogger's Facebook page:

 * From the mediakit given by Berger Paints