Airports, an Award and a break


The issue with wishes is that sometimes they inadvertently come true. Of course, these are never the things like winning the lottery. Or the wish that something you had penned or created goes viral or incredibly popular. Or even that silent wish that escapes your parted lips when you see a sumptuous buffet spread, and mutter to yourself that you are able to eat the entire thing. I am talking about the wishes that we sort of mention in passing. The ones that are often very spontaneous in nature and rarely something that we plan on doing or following through on. Like wishing a particular essay is asked for an exam because that's the only one that you've studied. Or maybe wishing that the neighbor's cat would stop tip toeing into your house after going through the neighborhood trash can and then through the swamp before deciding to deposit some remnants on your front yard.  

Of course, if you're a parent, these sort of inadvertent and spontaneous wishes are all the more prevalent. Like when you've been running after the little one around an airport and you're utterly exhausted. Times like these, I've often found myself wishing that I could just travel alone in peace. It's one of those momentary and spontaneous wishes - one that you don't really mind if it doesn't come true, but  something you just mutter so that you can just vent.


I sort of got my wish true a couple of days earlier. A solo travel. No playing catch in the middle of the waiting lounge. No picking noodles from random places on your being - from the hair to inside your pockets, making you wonder if you're actually producing them. No 'Papa, I'm bored or I want to watch the Animal movie'  (which by the way I'm yet to figure out what that means - I suspect it means a movie with animals). No 'let me go and ask that lady for some crisps just to embarrass my parents'. And no 'I'm going to just lie down here on these marble floors and wail my heart out just because I can.'


And you know what- I might sound crazy for saying this - but right then, as I sat in the airport lounge, surrounded by thousands of others going about their own business I felt kind of alone. I've never been someone who minds doing things alone. Of course if I had a choice to have company, I would choose that option for most things and activities.


But that day, it felt rather strange and incomplete at the same time. On one hand, I liked the peace and quiet and the fact that I didn't need to look after anyone else's needs , but just mine. Yes, I know I sound selfish. But hey, me-time is essential. If you're a parent, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. However the partly sad truth is that I also feel alone. In fact this is the first time I've travelled without Rishi and stuff in tow since his birth. Kind of sad don't you think? But that's just how it is. Of course, the other person I miss is my better half.


So as I sat there at the airport with a wry smile watching someone else's kid make their parents cater to their every whim and fancy, and hear the tsk tsk of passengers who were perhaps not parents, I inadvertently found myself wishing again - that I never had to take a solo trip again without my family.


Of course, I also know that the next time I have Rishi threatening to test the break-ability of an airport restaurant's fine China or throw the mother of all tantrums because I declined to buy him something that caught his eye, I will wish otherwise too.


[bctt tweet="Parenting. It's truly a random roll of the dice every time. "]



I'm now back from my solo trip. For those of you who must know, I had gone to attend an annual blogging conference in Mumbai hosted by BlogAdda. It was a great networking event and I met plenty of fellow bloggers - it was especially great to put a face to a name.

Oh, and I won this :)

Yes, you're presently reading the best personal blog in India.


So thank you my dear readers, bloggers, friends, family or even if you're reading this for the first time. It means a lot that you all keep returning to read what I write.

So at the risk of sounding like a pompous douche,

Award-winningly yours,



Update 2:

The original post was written on my return flight from Mumbai.

I am travelling once again. My wife, J, decided to surprise me with an impromptu (well, impromptu to me - she obviously had been planning it for a while) to Goa.

So right now, we're sort of living the high life - lazing in a pool, munching on some amazing food, drinking cocktails I can't spell while watching a gorgeous sunset over the sea.

Until later, thank you and stay safe.

Six 'little' feet.