An invite to be #Pamper -ed


It all started with a phone call. “Hello, Is that Sid?"


“Awesome! This is Harish from BlogAdda. Just wanted to run something by you - we’re reaching out to a few select parenting bloggers who are attending #WIN15 and would like you to be part of a special and exclusive product launch by Pampers."

“Erm..ok?” starts to bite nails because he’s never been great at responding at such short notice

“So, we think it’ll be good to have a few hands-on fathers who blog too for the launch. After all, you guys have done it too."

is now sold thanks to the ‘hook-line-sinker’ line that Harish used to get my attention "Of course! I’d love to! Just send me the details."


And that is the story of how I ended up in a large conference room, filled predominantly with women, mummy bloggers, some journalists and lots of cameras. One of the things I was worried about when I first got the call, was that as it happens way too often in my case, that I’d be the only male adult there. Fortunately there were a few other fellow bloggers and dads too, and that worry was alleviated in the first few minutes of entering this lavishly decorated room.

So, the ‘stage’ was set, and as the rest of us suspiciously eyed these boxes set on our tables (and unceremoniously labelled 1/2/3) along with a pack of a Pampers diapers that had the word NEW emblazoned just above a smiling adorable baby, the lights dimmed and our celebrity panel entered.

The Elite Discussion Panel Image Courtesy:

The panel [Left to Right]

  • Actress & TV Presenter - Mandira Bedi
  • Child Sleep Consultant  - Ajita Gopal Seethepalli
  • Actress & Celebrity Mother - Tara Sharma
  • Pampers R&D Expert -  Dr. Wei Sing Long 


After a brief set of introductions, the elite panelists kickstarted a very interactive discussion about how important a baby’s sleep is (both for the parents and the baby, itself) and how a baby’s sleep is often determined by the ‘dryness factor’. Now, as a parent (hands-on one, nonetheless) I found myself nodding along to the statements they made and partially zoning out to the memories of nappies, getting up in the middle of the night because of soiled nappies and the rest of the things that keep a new parent awake at night. Because my son was born abroad,  ‘cloth nappies’ weren’t much of an option for us. Primarily because we were based in London and as most people can confirm, the weather in England (barring the few weeks of undisputed sunshine that we get and refer to fondly as Summer) can be very wet and cold. So naturally, we’d started him off on diapers and the brand that has become synonymous with the same - Pampers.

[To be perfectly clear, the zoning out was just because I was relating to the discussion going on and not because I was slightly drowsy from all the sumptuous food that we had consumed sometime earlier for lunch]


To make sure the audience were engaged, the panel then got us to put our hands into those boxes on our table (yes, the ones we had previously looked suspiciously at), asked us to feel the different diapers that were in there and then use a voting meter to register our thoughts. Unsurprisingly, there was one ‘almost unanimous’ winner  - The one marked number 2


Results of the blind voting.

And it was true. The diaper was truly soft. In fact, I might even say 'as soft as a newborn’s tushie’. And as some of us daddies and mommies sort of started to wish that we had these diapers when were kids, the team unveiled the new product - New Pampers Premium Care Pants, said to be 'the softest diaper pants ever and as soft as a mother’s touch'.


The unveiling of the new Pampers Premium Care Pants  Img Courtesy: Pampers India


Now, if you’re a parent, you know that you truly want the best for your little one(s). So, while the Pampers’ R&D expert, Dr. Wei Sing Long, took us through a very detailed and scientifically accurate presentation about the new product, it was their live demo that sealed the deal for most of us. To see a revolutionary product in action and to be able to touch and feel what it promises - that’s what trust in a product is all about. And the live demo did just that.


[gallery type="slideshow" link="none" columns="1" size="medium" ids="3308,3307,3309,3310,3311,3312,3313"]


In fact, so thorough and interactive were both the presentation and the demonstration, that we were left with hardly any questions. Except maybe, when it would be launched and why this wasn’t there when we were growing up. To tug a bit more at our ‘parental heartstrings’, the team also won our hearts (and maybe a few tears too) over with an emotionally joyful television advertisement that will be launched soon.


And as Tara and Mandira wound up the event sharing anecdotes and clips from their personal motherhood experience, we were all invited for a quick one-on-one question (and a selfie - one that I nervously declined, because I’m shy in the presence of beautiful women :P ). Oh, and we got a goody bag of Pampers and other P&G items to take home.

Needless to say, though my son is almost past the diaper wearing age now, I did attempt to try it on him and did a quick review of the product. Stay tuned for my honest thoughts on this ‘revolutionary new product’.

“This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda