I promise. Do you ?


I’m not usually the one to wear my heart on my sleeve, especially on social media. More so, because I see no point in doing it. Plus it invites trolls, who often end up either trivialising the whole thing or launch into personal attacks.  

Instead, I try to pick up something positive happening in my life or around me and stay as optimistic as I can. But the terror attacks (both the frequency and intensity) over the past few days, have really started to shake my optimism levels. I agree - I didn’t know any of the victims personally; so perhaps it shouldn’t be as difficult for me to adjust to the news of bombings and terror attacks around the world. But, I guess perhaps that’s part of the problem we have.


We’re quick to take to social media to condemn attackers and offer prayers for victims. And we absolutely should - social media is just a way of expressing ourselves. But deep down, ask yourself if you really care? Unless it happens to you or someone who you know/knew, would you really care if someone blew themselves up for something they believed in (however retarded that might be!) and resulted in hundreds  of deaths and injuries. The honest answer will be, perhaps not. Because unless it really happens to us, it’s still a news headline. Or an event of the world that we just see on the screens of our little idiot boxes or on the technology device that we have access to.


I’m not here to say anyone is right or wrong. I am nobody to make that judgement. On most days, I don’t even know if I am right or wrong. But I will say this, the news of these attacks have really made me question what I’m doing in my life? Yes, I’m counting my blessings that I’m alive and people who I care a lot  about are alive and healthy too. But as a human being, who hasn’t yet been desensitized to such levels yet, that I can ignore these snippets of news and happenings around the world, I sometimes wonder. Why can’t it be an eye for an eye? How is it fair that innocent people die (yes, innocent in the way that they did not deserve to die as casualties of acts of terror) for something that these terrorists claim is done in the name of religion, but in reality is nothing more than part of a political movement? Surely, the number of non-terrorists outnumber these radical-brainwashing-imbeciles and if technically ‘might-is-right’, we should be able to stand together as one and fight (in whatever way we can) against them. And most certainly, there are more countries committed to fighting terrorism than there are countries who support them.


I’m not here to make a political statement. I know nothing about world politics or the mechanics behind it. I’m not so well-read or intellectually gifted enough for me to stand my ground against political trolls who may choose to attack this. But I am a human being. A human with feelings. A human who feels sad when people, who were never part of this political (or religious) ‘Game of Thrones’, are slaughtered / blown up/  massacred. A human, who worries about the safety of his loved ones and his own. A human, who wonders what sort of world his kid and future generations will grow up in.


I have no solution to offer here. As long as humanity keeps finding things to differentiate us, there will be attacks of terror. It’s just the ugliest fact of life. The world will eventually destroy itself.


But maybe, just maybe, we can do our part to delay it for as long as we can. No, it’s impossible to love everyone. But maybe you can spread just enough love so that it tips the balance in its favour rather than falling on the side of hatred. Maybe, it’s high time we stop fighting because of our differences and instead embrace the things that make us unique.



I know that one little lousy note like this isn’t going to make a change. Most people would probably not even read it. Or even if they do, will shrug it off as from someone who is trying to use the current situation to promote his work. If that’s what you think, then perhaps there really is no hope. Maybe we have already been desensitized and apathetic to all of this. I just hope we don’t wake up one day to all this happening to us, and realise ‘Maybe we should have done something then!’


As for me, I refuse to give up. [tweetthis twitterhandles="@iwrotethose" displaymode="box"]I may not leave a better world for my son, but I can try leaving a better human for the future[/tweetthis]


This is my promise to the world.


Author's Note:

Perhaps, I've managed to voice what a lot of us are thinking but don't say. Maybe, I'm just being silly. Or maybe, I'm just a really sensitive person. I'm not nearly that naive so as to assume that one day, we will have world peace. As I said, as long as there are differences, there will be people trying to take advantage of those differences and pit people against each other. But, the least we can do is not destroy huge amounts of lives over it. Maybe, some day, we can amicably resolve differences rather than resort to blindly blowing up or massacring people.

This post has been brewing in my head for a long time now. Perhaps, back from when I first read about the Peshawar school attack. But I refuse to lose hope. This marks my 200th post on I Wrote Those; and I can think of no better way to mark it than a post promising that I'll do my best to bring up a kid who embraces differences and stays optimistic.