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What do you do when you find a person who is a unique combination of yin and yang? Someone who can reaffirm your belief in yourself yet will not hesitate to kick you should you wallow in self-doubt. Someone who not only listens to your incessant rambling, yet can literally talk sense into you. Someone who will help you unleash your inner true self, yet will NEVER EVER claim to have helped you. Someone whose beautiful words can sometimes make you well up (in the good way of course) and some other times make you smile from ear-to-ear like a little kid reading his favourite book. I’ll tell you what I’ll do with such a person. I’ll make sure I never let her go. Because genuine gems like her are rare and few. I know, I know. I sound selfish. Wouldn’t you be, if you knew someone like this?

That someone for me from the online world is Dagny Sol, who writes at Serenely Rapt. Writes is an understatement. Her words flow like a magical river, taking what shape and form you want it to and refreshing you with every touch. And when she asks you to write something for her “online abode”, you hope that you can come up with something that will make her proud. Thank you for opening up Serenely Rapt to me and my words.  

Below is a snippet of what you can expect.



As a work-from-home father, I’d like to think that I’m more involved in my little one’s day-to-day activities than most other fathers can afford to be. (Did I hear you gasp at the work-from-home father part?)

With gorgeous (did I add sticky, messy, humid, and sweat-inducing?) summer already here, the little one is home a lot more than he usually is, courtesy of a two and half month long summer holiday for his play school. Of course, this means that a large part of my morning is now dedicated to “reliving my childhood” with him doing fun activities.

Whilst there are days I’m inclined to stick him in front of the TV or the iPad and just zone out, I’ve refrained from doing so. At least so far. Truth be told, some days are harder than the others. But I’ve pledged to keep technology-related activities to a minimum and teach him things that I used to do for fun. Yes, they were activities from almost three decades ago, and probably stuff most kids will frown upon and dismiss as silly these days. But at two-years old, fortunately he doesn’t oppose me. Not vehemently enough anyway.

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