Me, for Her


I remember when I first saw her.  

She was dressed in a pink pinafore dress, her little baby hair clumped to one side, gently cascading over her eyes. Her mother tried hard to tie it into little pigtails on both sides. But she just pulled at them and it went back to the little mess it was. I watched her move towards me, wobbling to and fro, like her knees were made of jelly. I almost cried out in shock when she fell down with a thump. It was only later that I realised that she’d fallen on her diaper-padded bottom. I smiled as she suddenly sat up and clapped wildly as if falling on her little behind was part of her grand and elaborate plan all along.


She chuckled and clapped some more. She eyed me carefully, as she stuffed her chubby fingers into her mouth - all of them at once. I wondered if she was trying to send me a message - a warning perhaps, stating she wouldn’t hesitate to eat me if I upset her; which she did try one day, but I digress.


I watched anxiously as she gagged. And then breathed a relieved sigh, when her mother swept in from behind like a giant bird protecting her young. As she was hoisted high onto the shoulders, out came the fingers - sticky and yucky, as they grabbed her mama’s blonde locks. I remember her giggles as they glided towards me - it came in fits and bursts; from loud to soft and then loud again.


I remember thinking: 'Oh! If only I could hug her!'


Someone must have heard me because my wish came true. Her mama put her on the seat and placed me on her lap. She observed me carefully - both curious and puzzled at once. I shuddered a little, as she ran her chubby little fingers over my every bump and curve.


And then I saw her smile - the silkiness of my Red reflected in the icy blue depths of her eyes. It was love at first sight.



We were perfect together,

Yet different to each other

Me, the tiny shoes for her feet,

She, the one who made me complete





Today is Day five of the #BarAThon - The prompt is : "Tiny Shoes'