Mrs Funnybones : A non-review


I don’t do reviews. In fact, as much as I love reading and writing, I’m very conscious when it comes to reviewing. Much like most other forms of writing, I think writing an honest review is something that most of us either cannot do (for various reasons) or choose not to. Plus, it’s really an art. Anyone can tell if they liked a book or not. Or just trash it (which is the polite literary version of beating a person’s work black-and-blue). But it takes someone with a keen eye to look at it objectively and then analyse it.

Anyway, I digress.

So, as I was saying, this is only my third or fourth review on this blog. And for the foreseeable future, I will only review books on my blog, if it really connects (or disconnects) with me. And on that joyful note, let’s start.


 I’ve not been commissioned by the author, publisher, editor or anyone who has had anything to do with this book. In fact, much like most of you, I picked this book because  I was both curious and liked her columns.


The first time I read one of Twinkle Khanna’s columns, I remember being quite blown away. Partly because, we don’t get many (former) B-Town celebrities who can write so well (no, it’s not a misconception. They are in fact, rare and few). The other reason was the content as well as the way she wrote it. They were both something I could relate to.

I am not going to make any tall claims of being 'the number one fan' of her writing or anything of that sort. However, when I heard about the book, I did not hesitate in clicking that 'pre-order' link on Amazon. In fact, the last time I preordered a book, was the fifth one in the Harry Potter series. So, that's saying something.


What I enjoyed

  • It is concise, perfectly edited and has excellent choice of phrases and words. The wit is subtle, yet it packs a punch; the incidents are every day ones, but very relatable. There is absolutely nothing in the book that I felt was unnecessary.
  • Twinkle’s writing style is truly, as they say - a breath of fresh air - in this literary world, filled with wannabe writers, columnists and bloggers. Yes, including me. As I tweeted earlier, it is :
  • I loved the little illustrations on the various pages. They’re tastefully done and connects us to the scene being described.
  • I also loved those notes at the beginning of each chapter. They are just brilliant.
  • I enjoyed the way the chapters (or sections) have been split from A to Z, and the titles for each of these.
  • It was a good to see her incorporate some of the more serious topics such as her conversation with the prodigal son about ‘what it means to be Indian’ and her article about ‘menstruation’. It was all so seamlessly integrated into either the conversation or part of the activity she was describing, and to me, that’s something most writers struggle with.


What could have been better

  • Nothing.Ok, that wouldn’t be true. There are some slight instances where I felt she just rehashed some of the old jokes and memes, that often ends up in our email inboxes and on WhatsApp forwards. But then again, that could have been because we’ve all through been those ‘situations’ and perhaps, that’s exactly how it played out for most of us.
  • The only other thing that nags me slightly is the hype around it. If it wasn't written by a celebrity, perhaps it may not have sold as many copies. Having said that, it was good, light and entertaining read.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. In fact, I’ve already gifted 5 copies of the book. Since I don’t do star-based or numerical ratings for books (mainly because I'm not an astrologer), I am not about to start now. But if you get a chance, do pick the book up and give it a read. It might just be that stress buster you needed.

If I had to sum it up, I'd say :

[bctt tweet="#Mrsfunnybones is refreshingly different and a packed with dollops of humour on every page. A definite stress buster for all of us "]


Mrs. Funnybones : If you’re reading this (however unlikely it seems) - Respect.  And as someone who writes, I think I have ‘writer’s envy’. In a good way, of course. Here’s to more entertaining columns and books.

And Chiki Sarkar - There is no greater pleasure than reading a book that has not just been written well, but edited brilliantly too. I've heard that you're one of the best in the business. And this just goes to affirm that.