Shoes? Oh yes!


Men love shoes too. Oh yes, you heard it right!

Contrary to what gender stereotype conformists might state, the modern man loves shoes. Alright, I’ll confess that we may not have a ‘Carrie Bradshaw-esque’ kind of obsession about the latest or the coolest, but we love our footwear.

Yes, there was perhaps a time where we thought of shoes as just hollow, inanimate pieces of accessories that we enjoyed sticking our feet into so as to keep warm, dry or for protection. But not anymore. It’s no longer just enough if you get the best fit for your feet or stick to the one-shoe-fits all occasions philosophy. For the modern man, it’s all about style, along with both looking good as well as getting the job done. So in fact, I might even say that ‘Shoes maketh the man. Perhaps as much as it maketh the woman’.

But here’s the thing.

My knowledge of fashion is about as much as I could glean from all the hours of watching the Fashion Channel, when it first launched. Of course, I must also confess that it was also the gorgeous models that held my attention. And I suspect, men like me form a chunk of the modern male population. And despite the growing fashion intelligence of the modern men, at times we can really display our ignorance about fashion in general and even about something that seems relatively simple as footwear.

Which is where the experts at #Fame and the #LakmeSchoolofStyle can help.

Quoting verbatim from their very interactive website:

"#fame is not just a business and a brand, it is a movement.
From the most imaginative chefs to awe-inspiring musicians, from comics who find humour in almost everything to discerning fashionistas who are on the top of trends, from celebrities to the kid next door, #fame is home to everyone.

And #LakmeSchoolofStyle with Karan Johar, as Editor-in-chief is India’s first fashion video magazine and his talented crew of style bloggers, will not rest until they teach the world (and India) how to get their chic on in the simplest of ways.

For starters, did you know there are ‘FIVE Shoes that every man must own?’. Watch the following interactive video, where Riaan George, one of India’s premiere menswear blogger and Luxury writer, gives you his ideas.


Pretty cool, right? Simple tips to ‘get your chic on’!

I remember a time where my father and uncles, used to have at most 3 pairs of footwear - a decent pair of lace ups that went with everything, a pair of flip flops that they wore outside with their traditional attires or when it rained and a pair of running/jogging shoes for the rare occasion when they played sport or exercised.

However, if a TIME magazine survey from about a decade ago is to be believed, the average American man owns about 12 pairs of shoes.  Of course, women own about 25 pairs, but I was slightly taken aback by the numbers.

Of course, I too believed that this statistic did not hold good for me. I mean, I like shoes, but you wouldn’t catch me drooling over a pair of Brogues in front of a shop window. 'At most, I’d probably have five or six pairs’, I said to myself as I opened my shoe closet and started to line them up, side by side. A few minutes later, I stood up and counted them.

I had 14 pairs of footwear. And you know the worst part was? My wife only had 20 pairs. And collectively between the 34 pair of shoes, we probably use 5.

But you know what? Out of the 5 essential ‘types of shoes’ mentioned, I only have four.

And because I’m always the ‘see-the-silver-lining’ kind of person, I’m just going to embrace the metrosexual lifestyle and go buy that elusive fifth-type.

In the meantime, why don't you check out your shoe closet now? I bet you're a closet 'shoe-ista' too. So, how many do you have?


Credits Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.


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