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Asus IndiBlogger Meet 2015 - Bangalore Edition


For a lot of us bloggers, our fellow wordsmiths are often a mishmash of pseudo names, random numbers, offbeat blog addresses and ‘some’ real names thrown in for good measure. And if I’m honest, it’s not very often that you get to meet most of them in real life. So when you get an opportunity to match some of your regular readers to their real names and subsequently to a real face, it would be a shame to miss it. That’s where blogger meets come into play. And let me assure you, they are a lot less frequent than we’d like them to be. So imagine my surprise, when I found an invite from the lovely IndiBlogger folks, languishing in the Inbox section of my MSN mailbox. I know what you’re thinking - ‘The man still has an MSN id! Gosh, he’s ancient!’. But more on that later :). Anyway, the invite was for ‘THE ASUS INDIBLOGGER MEET - 2015’ in Bangalore. And it was being held at the ITC Gardenia, a five-star luxury hotel right in the commercial heart of Bangalore. Of course, I wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

If memory serves me right, this was my third IndiBlogger meet and just like the others, I hoped that this would be engaging, informative and fun. So photo ID in hand, a spare charger in the bag (we end up ‘tweeting a lot for IndiBlogger meets) and oodles of excitement in the heart, I set foot inside the magnificent ITC Gardenia, in Residency road, where a bright sign stated that the Asus - IndiBlogger meet was in the aptly named Mysore Room, for it was elegant and almost palatial with its chandeliers and other arrangements.

The registrations were completed smoothly and swiftly and soon, after exchanging a couple of Hi’s, handshakes and hugs with fellow blog-izens, we settled down at some neatly laid out tables. Within minutes, we were served a choice of soft drinks and some delectable appetizers. And then the ‘party’ started - a Death Metal concert by the amazing Indiblogger team. Within minutes, we were on our feet and ‘hurr-hurr-ing’ away while simultaneously banging our heads to the beat. Needless to say, we worked up quite an appetite within the first thirty minutes itself. And voila, the appetizers kept on coming. And we kept on munching away.

The IB Death Metal Concert (courtesy
Once we were all loosened up, and tummies satisfactorily filled, we soon embarked on a mission - to get to know other fellow bloggers and convince them to part with an item that was personal in nature. While I managed to only get a couple of stuff (see, I always knew I’d never make a good sales person), there were some others who with their charming personalities and smiles managed to get really intimate stuff such as ‘used toothpicks’ (yes, you read that right!) to ‘a piece of ginger kept for emergencies’. Of course, the whole point of the ‘mission’ was to get to know other bloggers and it served its purpose well. As a result,  I have a lot more blogs on my ‘to-be-read’ list and hopefully, my humble blog made her way to some of theirs too.
Yours truly with some dear friends and 'famous' bloggers (Image courtesy: Shailaja V)
Soon, Mr. Chu, the Product Manager for ASUS, took centre stage and revealed the two new sleek products, we were there for  - the ASUS EEEBook X205TA and the ASUS All-in-one PC ET 2040.
Mr. Chu dazzling us with the specs for the new ASUS units (Image courtesy :
During the brief interactive session, the product manager  walked us through the basic specifications and features of the ultra-sleek units (I repeat the sleek part again because they are impossibly thin and pretty darn sexy to look at!). The techies and the not-so-techies clarified the pressing questions in their minds and the ASUS team patiently answered every single one of them. This was soon followed by a ‘hands-on’ session, where we were all invited to ‘test-drive’ the units on display. And to be honest, after having experienced the units first hand (albeit for a brief few minutes), for the price and the specs that is on offer, I would say ASUS is sitting on a potential game changer in the Notebook/Tablet market.
Image Courtesy :  
ASUS All-in-one PC ET 2040 (Image courtesy:
As Team ASUS walked off the stage to an overwhelming set of claps, the fun part of the evening started. And in true Indiblogger style, Anoop and the others took over the stage and split us into teams of four. Each team had a captain and two deputies and they were invited to pick the theme. Once the themes were picked, we were told we had 20 minutes to get our team together and then do an ‘advertisement’ of sorts for blogging. Kudos to the Indiblogger team for thinking up such amazing, interactive activities and within minutes, four corners of the room were abuzz with whispers and murmurs - each occupied by a team, trying to ‘out-AD’ each other.
Our team having a conversation on how to execute the '300' theme (Image courtesy:


In between munching, drinking, yapping and discussing, each of the team managed to capture the essence of both blogging and the theme that they had been given. Needless to say, the activity was a resounding success, and got all of us bloggers a bit more closer to each other. As the IB team grouped us together for a couple of photographs, we felt the enticing aroma of food waft in from the buffet hall next door. Photos taken, we made our way (in an orderly fashion, of course) to the hall and treated ourselves to some almost ‘ambrosial’ food and mouth-watering desserts.

The GANG - 200 plus bloggers attended the meet. (Image courtesy :
  And soon after,  trying to mask the burps from our full tummies, we said our good byes, took some last-minute selfies and were soon on our way home, so that we could relive the night over and over through these posts and photographs.

Thank you so much, Team IndiBlogger and ASUS India. It was a phenomenal night and I can say with absolute certainty that all of us (yes, every single one of the 200+ people who attended it), enjoyed it thoroughly. And yes, you MUST do these more often.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the two amazing ASUS products and add them to your wish list for 2015. And if there is an IndiBlogger meet in your neck of the concrete jungle, that our cities are fast becoming, make sure you attend it. It’s tons of fun.