The Kill List

The Kill List - Forsyth at his undeniably best

The Kill List is master storyteller Frederick Forsyth’s latest addition to his long list of cutting-edge suspense thrillers.

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Plot Line:

America has a new enemy - The Preacher, who has just made it onto their short top hit list of people who are to be tracked down and killed at every cost. This top secret catalogue is known internally as “The Kill List”. The Preacher is masked figure with blazing amber eyes, who radicalizes young Muslims abroad to carry out high profile assassinations.
To hunt down the Preacher, the United States appoints one of its many classified organisations, blandly named as TOSA or Technical Operations Support Activity, who in turn passes the mission on to their star crusader, only known as the Tracker, who is an ex-marine.
Armed with very little evidence and unable to trust anyone around, the Tracker has his work cut out. And when one such radicalised youth, kills a retired Marine general, whose son happens to the Tracker, the hunt becomes extremely personal.

In my opinion:

It is a typical Forsyth classic - fast moving, action-packed and backed with excellent research. Whilst not in the same league as that of  “The Day of the Jackal” or “The Odessa File”, The Kill List does have its edge-of-your-seat moments.  Forsyth’s detailed research for all his books is what sets him apart from some his contemporaries, and it’s no different with this novel either. What I loved best about the book, apart from the well-paced plot, is the exceptional detail about the military, their impeccable execution under pressure and how the entire premise is very real-world-real-scenario based.
Yes, there are some minute flaws in the story line, the end-result is quite predictable and the final confrontation is a bit rushed. However  as some wise people have said in the past, “ It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!”. And the “journey” that this book takes us on, from the deep, impenetrable mountains of Afghanistan to the vicious pirate-infested “Horn of Africa”, is an outstandingly well-crafted and enjoyable one.

Final Verdict:

The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth is an excellent blend of well-paced military action, the quintessential real-world hero, enthralling    writing and the archetypal Machiavellian bad guy. A definite read.

Overall Rating : 4 / 5

Bibliographic info:

Title                  The Kill List
Author              Frederick Forsyth
Publisher          Penguin Group US, 2013
Length              352 pages
 Genre                Fiction | Thrillers  | Suspense | Military