Want a Happy Baby?


No, don't worry! I'm not selling babies  - happy or otherwise ;) People often say a lot of things about parenting. Some say it's hard, some say it's emotionally and physically draining, some say that it's the perfect thing in the world. Of course, the opinions will vary depending on who you catch hold of and on what day. But here's something that every single parent will agree to:


A happy baby is just god-given perfection.

The peals of laughter that erupt from their little mouths or the joyous (and often, toothless) smiles they give us when they're content and happy - nothing can beat the sanctity of that moment. You feel so much at peace and if you could, you would want to preserve that moment forever.


When we had our son, I was still a corporate slave and working ridiculous hours. But every single moment that I could afford to spare, I would sit up with my little one. And needless to say, I discovered both the joyous (and not so joyous) aspects of parenting. But perhaps the most important takeaways from my initial lessons were how to ensure our baby was happy and content. So, for the benefit of any new/fellow parents who may be reading this, I'm going to share these:


Establish a routine Yes, I know. It doesn't sound as fun and silly, but it's perhaps one of the most important things for a baby. If they have an established pattern or routine for sleeping and eating, that's half your battle sorted.


Never underestimate the power of a good quality diaper. Of course, since babies are not potty-trained, ensuring that they feel comfortable in a diaper even if they've managed to dirty it, is imperative. A good dry diaper, such as the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants, can ensure that the little ones are happy and content, regardless of whether they're sleeping or awake. Need more proof, check out the video below:




Entertain them While you possibly need to entertain them so that they aren't bored, here's another simple truth. A baby's laughter is perhaps the most amazing music that your ears will ever listen to. And it's easy to get them to do that. These are few  of the things I've done to make my little one smile and giggle nonstop.

  •  Unusual Sounds Think of the strangest sound that you can imagine. Something extremely unusual. Even a different tone or voice. And then just speak to them. I can guarantee you that in no time, they'll be giggling away. I would often use a balloon and use the air from it to change my voice. It used to send my son into giggling spurts
  • Tickle them pink.  And I mean it. Most babies are really ticklish and since they can't understand what the sensation is, most of them just end up giggling. And of course turn pink in the process. It works especially well during bath time. I'm sure there's a scientific reasoning behind it, but it just gives you so much pleasure to see them laugh away.
  • Blow Raspberries  To an onlooker it looks like the silliest activity one can engage in, with a baby. But from experience, I can tell you that it is perhaps the most effective. The 'prrrt' sound  (that's the best imitation of the sound that I can come up with!) against the baby's skin, especially on the tummy can make them squeal in delight.
  • Laugh with them Perhaps there is nothing more contagious that you laughing along with them. Even a fake laugh can elicit genuine cute chuckles from the babies.



So in short, make sure they're clean, well-fed, have enough sleep and some 'entertainment' time, and your  baby (and you) will remain happy always! So simple, isn't it?  
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Kid’s Nutrition, No More A Frustration! - An info graphic look

As you may know, I also contribute bi-monthly to this amazing parenting website community known as "Parentous". Follow this link to know more about them. The team at Parentous have been kind enough to utilise my article titled "Eight simple rules" (Link here) and develop a creative info-graphic based on the same. I'm proud and honoured to be able to share this with you today:

Kid’s Nutrition, No More A Frustration!

Thank you Team Parentous :)

Three Golden "Post-Baby" Relationship Rules

Congratulations - the little one that you've been waiting expectantly for all these months, is finally here. Now, the mandatory 24 hours later, you get to bring him / her home. If you're one of the lucky ones who happen to have the luxury of an extra room (and money to spend of course)  to be converted into a baby room, you would have taken all the pains  to ensure that you left no stone unturned to ensure the room is cutely furnished and perfectly stocked with a year's supply of nappies, baby wipes, baby creams and stuffed toys. It is your first baby after all :) In an ideal world, you'd be very relaxed at this point, having completed the prerequisite 40 odd weeks as well as the really intense labour session.You know what, that was the easy part. Things are only going to get tougher from here on, but in a good way.

Often you hear inexperienced people say "Newborns, oh aren't they a piece of cake! All they do is Eat, Poop and Sleep". Frankly, the statement isn't without some truth. They do "eat, poop and sleep". What people often fail to mention are the effects that these three actions have on new parents. Since a quick google on the "effects of newborns on new parents" can spill out more accurate results, I'm going to leverage this space to talk about three golden rules, which if adhered to, can hopefully help you retain some sanity and strengthen those bonds, during this testing phase. And yes, there are purely from a dad's point of view.

a. Sleep:

Yes, you've all heard it. Every single person who has been through this "kid-venture" would have invariably offered both your wife and yourself this wholesome yet free advice of "Sleep while the baby sleeps"; At the time, like me, you'd have dismissed it as if it wasn't applicable to you. Strike 1. It is very much applicable to you; actually it is most applicable to you as the dad than for the mom, since she probably has the chance to nap when the baby does. To all the Mothers - No, I'm not saying that you would actually manage to catch some shut-eye when the baby naps, but at least you have the opportunity whilst on maternity leave. However for most of us working dads, paternity leave lasts a week to two at most. Which means past that stay-at-home period, the last thing you'd want is a "noisy, crying" baby disturbing the few hours of precious sleep that you can afford during night time. Now I could probably write a whole post on "post-baby sleeping habits" (actually I think I might); however for now, rule number 1: Sleep - Take it wherever and whenever you get it. You are going to need it!

b. Share the baby duties:

This is probably the most taken-for-granted part of the parenthood cycle. Most modern day fathers will definitely claim to have played a part in fulfilling the aforementioned duties. Dig deeper with the wife/partner, and you'll discover that "playing a part" involved merely "cuddling with the newborn". Whilst it is definitely a recommended activity, it shouldn't stop there. I might sound preachy, but if you are a small family, without a lot of constant presence from family, then the father-of-the baby definitely needs to step up and play a more vital part. There are a number of different advantages to this one, with the obvious one being that you get a bit more closer to your offspring. Sharing the duties also ensures that there's not a lot of guilt-tripping going around, which means, you know those days when your favourite team's playing and you want nothing more than sip some chilled beer and watch the game - your better half will actually let you off without any nagging. Though, it is very likely that you'll owe her a "ladies day out" with her friends as well, while you take care of the little one.

c. Listen, understand, and sometimes just shut-up 

I suppose its only fair to say that these three titular points are applicable in most relationships, even in ones without the babies. Nevertheless, they tend to be more profound immediately after you've had a little one. I mean, look at the big picture here  - Your better half has just pushed out a three-odd kg human being out not so long ago. She is tired, cranky, sleep-depraved, constantly having to pump or breast feed, change nappies, and so-on. To top it off, she still has the baby fat and is now constantly losing strands of hair, which prompts the occasional shrieks from her. So expect a rant every now and then, and cut her some slack. I guarantee you, the madness will end. The sooner we can turn into angels of peace, the easier you can get through this phase.

So there you go - three simple rules, which if (and I stress IF) followed can usually make the immediate post baby period a cake walk, in terms of your relationship with your partner.

I just wish someone had told me earlier - I had a very practical crash course, sort of on-the-go training so to speak.

The Delivery – Thoughts From A Tiny Tot


As parents, we all probably have different versions of the roller-coaster we went through, when our little ones enter this “big bad world”. This got me thinking – how would the little one have felt? Unfortunately we will never know. However couple your wonderful imagination along with your experience in the delivery room, and I’m sure you’ll be able to paint an accurate enough picture. Here’s my attempt at penning down the scenario from my Little Ri’s point of view.

40 weeks is a really long time to plan your biggest launch on to the world stage. I had it all charted out. I would jump on to the stage, strumming the custom-built Jimi Hendrix electric guitar, spot lights on me, spectacular fireworks going off in the air, amazing inspiring crowd chanting my name, and groupies on the side. I even had, what would go on to be known as my trademark phrase picked: “R U ready to have your world rocked?” But little did the naive me know, that plans seldom work out to the letter.

This snippet is a part of the original post on the parenting blog "Parentous". Read the rest of "Tiny Tot's incredible journey" here : The Delivery @ Parentous


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