The Race

Image Prompt from Project100x2
Image Prompt from Project100x2 courtesy of 1 Hundred Works
This post is part of the (now discontinued) Project100X2

We were given an image prompt this time around. So what did I write? You can read it here:


The link should open in a new page, so feel free to come back and leave a comment or a brick-bat as you please. Either way, I'll accept it.

While you are at it, take a look at some other awesome takes on the picture prompt too :

Freedom by Jairam Moham aka mahabore (trust me - he is anything but)

The Free Bird by Vaisakh Venugopal who writes at : The Museum Piece

The colorful fishes By Arka Datta who writes at : Hotathkore

A Marathon of Approval By Yamini Vijendran who writes at Straight from the Heart


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