A New Endeavour


Ah, the first day of the brand, sparkling new year. The best time to forget all the not-so-good things of the previous year. Which is also the best time to forge new friendships, make better resolutions that you can keep and maybe time to learn to live a little. Just like you, I make resolutions too. Every year. Sometimes I follow them through. Sometimes I don’t. But this year, for one of my resolutions, I’ve got a specialist support group. Okay, that sounded wrong. I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested :)

This year, four of us have conspired (yes, you read it correctly) to make our presence felt all across the virtual world. In order to do that, we’ve taken a wee bit of help from the lovely people at the DailyPost (, who have been kind enough to provide rather lovely and random prompts for each and every day for the year 2014.

So today, all four of us are committing that we will endeavour to collectively publish one post daily on our new collaborated website We Post Daily. For more info, check out the About the blog section.

Now, it wouldn’t be right, if I don’t do my personal introduction to the three lovely writers that I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with. So here we go, in alphabetical order:

Jairam Mohan

In and around blogging circles, he’s popularly known as “mahabore”. But let me be the first to assure you that he’s not boring in any shape or form. He’s our resident Mythological guru who specialises in fiction, parenting, political satire and humor. But that doesn’t stop him from writing pieces that tug at our heart strings ever so often. He’s a SuperDad who is absolutely meticulous in everything he does. His love for blogging shows in every thing he does. Yes, he says his days are made up of Excel sheets and PowerPoints. But even then, he’s still thinking about the next post he can put up. This man can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Laugh on his funny posts. Cry with laughter on his superbly witty posts. One thing you must know about him is that if there was ever an enthusiastic writer, he’s it. Though a collaborative project, he is brains behind this endeavour and the “energiser bunny” who keeps us motivated and going. You can check out more about him on his blog : Mahabore -

Rekha Nair Dhyani 

Some of you may already be familiar with Rekha and her loveable dil-se writing style from one of the guest posts that I’d done for her quite recently titledInterpreting women. Though I’ve already given her an introduction, I’ve gotten to know her a bit more over the past few weeks, so it’s time for a refresh. Rekha is one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. She really cares about each and everything thing, and it shows. Her writing is like a breath of fresh air, and you can see that she puts her heart and soul into everything that writes. But no, she’s no pushover. She stands up tall and strong when she believes in something (which is most things) and you don’t want to mess with her then. Because she will politely put you in your place. But hey, she’s one of the most friendliest and cheerful people that I know of, and she’s helped me deal with some troublesome brickbats in the past as well. Rekha - I know this intro doesn’t do you justice, but if I could sum it up in one phrase. You Rock! I’d have never said in a million years that you are an introvert. Okay, make that you were an introvert. You’re a superstar. You can get to know her a little bit more on her blog: Dewdrops (

Sakshi Nanda

Okay, so I’ve only recently done an intro piece on Sakshi Nanda for my guest post on her blog : Bedroom Brawls. Whilst I’m really tempted to just copy-paste that intro (which I’ve been told was lovely:)), I’d like to do the honest thing and re-type some of it. As I’ve said before, Sakshi is someone who is extremely cheerful, transparent and endearing. She calls it as she sees it. She often complains that she’s slightly on the slower side when it comes to “certain technologies”, but the way we all see it - Once she sets her mind on something, she’s determined to learn it and make sure she’s a pro at it. For example, she had to take a huge jump to move on to the WordPress blog format from her much-more-used-to Blogger format. But she made it work, and wonderfully as you can see from the post on our website. She writes about almost everything and anything. Humor is her forte and she has the enviously ability to transform “every day items” into a laugh riot. She’s an amazing mom (based on the things that her son say) and  a blogging heroine to many. Above all, she knows when the say the right thing and when to dismiss things with an emoticon. Get to know more about Sakshi in through her blog  - Between Write and Wrong (

And then of course, there’s me. But hey, you’re here. So I must be doing something right :) So I’ll skip my paltry intro.

You can check our more about the authors on the About the authors section of the new blog.

Finally, before I sign off,

You know how social media works right. A like here, a share there and some spreading the love goes a long way. So what are you waiting for, check out our new collaborate website here (link below) and follow, like, tweet and G+ us. And of course, we will continue to update our individual blogs too. So stay tuned. We’ve made one of your new year resolutions for you  - READ. Our blogs of course !