dirty clothes

Laundry, anyone?


Let me start this post by saying, I’m sure that my laundry breeds while I sleep. There is no other reason I can think of as to why the laundry basket refills at the rate it does. If my bank balance refilled as quickly, I'd be one happy camper. Of course, marriage made things a lot better - for the laundry, that is. Now, I’m forced coaxed to do it. Which brings me back to the days of yore - or bachelorhood, as I like to call it. Back then, the only time I actually did the laundry was when the following predicament presented itself to me - "Laundry today, or naked tomorrow"   

However, as I said, now things are different. So previously while I had enough time to go through a book while waiting for the laundry to be done, these days, I just put the laundry in the machine and then hobble around the house picking toys or getting other chores done. I'm sure that the reader at the back of the class (yes, you!) might be wondering why I’ve decided to bore you with instances of how my laundry habit has evolved over the years. Fear not ! I do not intend to.


The only reason that I’m talking about laundry today, is because it was as I was separating clothes - coloured from non-coloured, intimates from well…non-intimates - when a thought struck me. You see, along with the laundry bit, I also have trouble folding clothes. And as I was chatting up “Google-Devi” trying to convince her to accompany me in my online quest to find that magic folding board that Sheldon Cooper uses to fold his clothes, the lovely Sumeetha pinged me to ask for my "lessons learned" post. Something that I’d promised and (conveniently) forgotten because as it goes, life happens. But I digress.  Anyway, as I was separating the laundry today, I realised that it is quite possible that there is more to laundry than dirty baniyans and shorts.

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