Eight Simple Rules

To start of, apologies in advance if this sounds like a “Mommy” post. It might appear so primarily, due to two reasons:

  1. It is often perceived that this topic is “usually” a mother’s concern;
  2. This post is really inspired by the missus’s (let’s call her Ja) continued attempts to try and get our 18 month old (let’s call him … say Ri) to eat good nutritious food
If I could tag people as on Twitter or Facebook, a lot of my fellow Parentous contributors would be the recipients of thank you notes, for having inadvertently inspired me to touch this topic – unfortunately, I can’t seem to find such an option; So here’s a big fat Thank You  – you know who you are!

This post was originally published on the parenting blog "Parentous". For the complete list of our "Eight Simple Rules" to feeding your toddler, just click on the link : Eight Simple Rules @ Parentous