Fairy Dust


Pixie lay on the bed with her eyes wide open. There was still an hour to go for the clock to toll midnight and the portal would only be open for exactly five minutes. She sighed. She hadn’t decided what she was going to do. She got off the bed and slowly walked up to the closed window. Outside, the predicted blizzard was furiously turning everything a shade of white. She pulled the stool from the dressing table towards the window, smiling as she sat down. It had only been seven days, yet it felt like she’d been here for ages. She lovingly gazed at the new bag that she’d purchased yesterday. She hadn’t gone there to purchase anything. Curiosity had gotten the better of her and she’d fallen for that attractive young man’s charms, and ended up buying the bag. Google Image search

The memory of her arrival here was still clear as day in her mind. She’d opened her eyes, and here she was, in the exact same room. She’d panicked, just as anyone would have , in her situation. And she tried to do what she normally would have done. She had tried to fly. But apart from a wiggle of her shoulder blades, nothing had happened. She’d looked around for her wand, and was unable to locate it.  She'd observed herself on the reflective surface that the humans called a mirror, and was shocked at what she saw. Her appearance had changed quite drastically and her previously sandy blonde hair was now longer and a deep brown colour. Not quite about her next step, she’d peered out of the window and had seen an old man trudging along on a white pathway, being led by some strange four legged creature, which she thought was rather adorable. Feeling a bit chilly, she’d opened the cupboard and put on a jacket that she’d found, which strangely enough, fit quite well. As she’d walked out of the room, she’d been greeted by an elderly lady who had referred to her as “Diana” and had enquired if she would require breakfast. With a smile and a nod of the head, Pixie quickly exited the house where a blast of chilly air hit her face hard.  Pixie shivered and walked out onto the white path. With each step she took, she heard a “scrunching” sound. She looked back and found that she’d left tracks all the way from the front door to the main pathway. Curious, she knelt down and tried to grab hold of the strange white material that lined the pathway. The more she tried to grab hold of it, the more it disappeared off, leaving her hand wet and cold in the process. “What is this?” she asked one of the kids who passed by. The kid gave her a fleeting smirk and said “Are you crazy? That’s snow!”  And thus commenced her journey of discovery.

Over the next few days, Pixie discovered a whole lot of new things. She discovered that the bundle of paper that she’d found on the dresser was called money and that it could be exchanged for different kinds of products. She stumbled upon this intoxicating drink that the humans called coffee, which could be consumed both hot or cold. She discovered that humans liked to go into tall and wide buildings, that were known as malls, and that everything that they required were available in these malls, from food to that giant screen with moving images that they called the movies. All in exchange for this money. She discovered that humans liked to dress up and could spend large amounts of this money in buying clothes and accessories. Back home, she’d always been content with the six pairs of identical dresses that she’d been given. She even discovered that, just like her, humans too could fly. Except that they had to use a machine known as an aeroplane and that they had to purchase something known as a ticket to get on the plane.  But not all discoveries had been pleasant. Like when she’d discovered that her stomach hurt immensely from eating street food that had been too spicy. Or that not everyone had this money that seemed to be constantly in demand.  And that this wad of money had no magical powers and once it was gone, it did not replenish itself magically like the food or clothes she had back home.

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After a number of days of observing, Pixie decided that it was high time that she try out some of these new experiences and comforts that the humans seemed to be fond of. She decided to visit one of the biggest malls within her vicinity. She’d heard that they had much bigger malls with many more shops in a city called New York, about an hour’s flight away from where she was. But now that her wings had disappeared, Pixie wasn’t too keen on trying to hitch a ride on one of those large machines. As far as she could see, it’s wings were un-moving, unlike hers which furiously moved up and down when she flew. And that worried her. She spent the whole day at the mall, constantly hopping from shop to shop, not quite sure what she was looking for or what she wanted, only stopping to eat some divine frosted goodies, which the humans called “Fairy cup cakes”. Though the name had seemed rather strange to Pixie, she was intrigued since everyone seemed to be buying them. And she was pleasantly surprised. It had to be the most wonderful dish she had ever eaten. Even her mother’s specially rich Butter Bakes did not come close.

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Clutching hold of a large paper bag filled with dozens of these fairy cup cakes, she had continued to roam the mall. Finally at a fancy store, with an unpronounceable name, she’d found a few things that she thought were rather interesting. Shelling away almost half the notes from the wad of money that she had, she walked out of the store, her hands barely able to contain the five large bags that were now stuffed with a  variety of rainbow coloured clothes and 2 pairs of diamond encrusted shoes. Though the names of the shoes had baffled her, the pleasant and chubby lady at the store had authoritatively stated that Manolo Blanik and  Christian Louboutins were amongst the brands that celebrities endorsed. Though she did not quite understand the meaning of the word “celebrities”, she decided to indulge anyway. Especially since she saw a beautiful, angel-like lady purchase a pair from one of the above mentioned brands. It was on the way back, that she’d stumbled into the store with the bag. She had been so smitten with the bag and the fact that she could put all kinds of objects into it, instead of carrying each of them separately. Once she was back in her new room, she unpacked everything and neatly arranged the shoes on the dresser next to the bag. That was yesterday.

Now, looking at the shiny new bag and the glittering shoes on the dresser, instead of feeling happy and content, Pixie felt slightly sad. She was going to miss all of this when she went back. Though she’d been sent to Earth as punishment, she’d discovered a completely new world, much different to her own and filled with lots of exciting stuff. She still had plenty of things to discover and wasn’t sure that she was ready to go back. And that’s when the thought hit her. Maybe she could just not go through the portal. Maybe she’d just wait for the portal to close and then see what happened. She silently expressed a big thank you to the great Lord Fairy for giving her the sense to not have spent all the money. If she was going to continue here as a mortal, she would need plenty of money. Maybe she could go to one of those places that the humans called a bank, and ask them for some money. After all, the “bank” nearest to where she stayed had always put up a sign that said “Need money? Come in and talk to us!”. Yes, that’s what she would do. She would stay back and then go to this bank to ask for more money.

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Pixie was confused. She hadn’t expected anyone to come through the portal, least of all the Fairy God Mother. “Do you know why you were sent to Earth?” asked the Fairy God Mother, her loud voice making the window panes rattle. “I was sent because I was mischievous and caused a lot of trouble back in Fairy Land” replied Pixie meekly. “Yes. And we sent you to Earth, in the hope that when you found yourself all alone and in an unknown environment, you might try to be more responsible. But as I can see, nothing has changed. You are still the same!”

 “Maybe some more time here on Earth can help teach me be responsible” continued Pixie with sly smile on her face. “No!” screamed the Fairy God Mother. “You are coming back with me. This very instant. Your lessons from Earth have no value in Fairy Land. All you have learnt is how to spend money.” And with that the Fairy God Mother grabbed hold of Pixie’s arm and pulled her towards the vortex, which had suddenly reappeared. Though Pixie tried to resist, she knew it was going to be a losing battle. The Fairy God Mother was a behemoth of a woman and extremely strong too. As she was being pulled towards the vortex, Pixie’s eyes fell on the dresser, where all her earthly goodies were kept. As she passed the dresser, Pixie grabbed hold of the strap of her new hand bag with one hand and the straps of her new diamond encrusted heels with the other. “There’s no way I’m leaving those here!” she thought as she fell back into the dark, swirling vortex back to Fairy Land.

No prompt has ever left me in such a befuddled state as this one has. Not because I didn't know what I would do with $10,000. Oh, that I do. But, here's the thing. And as a writer, I'm in a constant battle with myself, to write something different every single time.  Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And after playing with a number of different scenarios, I ended up with this final take on Pixie and her "earthly exile". .

[This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on the prompts provided. The prompt for today was "You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week..”]