The "IT" factor


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the versatile, the handsome, the quintessential ladies' (and some men’s) man - Two times Academy Award winner, three times Golden Globe Award winner, two times People’s sexiest man alive winner (almost 10 years apart that too) - George Clooney.


(*clap clap* Really? That’s the best you can do? No standing ovation? Shame on you people !)

Ok, so I haven’t really got George Clooney on my blog. Do you really think I’d be sitting here and writing for a living if I did? Well, writing maybe, more like Hollywood scripts. But more on that later. No, this post is more of my musing on why women (ok, I generalise, some women, make that most women) think George Clooney has got "IT".


Now, let me put up a couple of disclaimers here: This post is just the result of some social research conducted by yours truly, along with some help from "Mr.Google". And it’s just my opinion. You may choose to agree with it, or dish it if you want. I just mean for this to be a fun post and hope you enjoy reading it. Oh, and yeah, I’ve got nothing against the man. I think he’s a brilliant actor/director/producer/screenwriter and humanitarian. So let’s jump in shall we?


Some of you may remember this, because of my recent Facebook status message. The question was  “Why do women go gaga over George Clooney?” which included an amazing little snapshot of the man, which really made some women (including happily married ones) go kind of weak at the knees. No, I’m not being judgemental. It wasn’t really just what is often categorised as sex appeal; there is something more about the man that causes women to sit up and take notice. Even women who don’t know who he is (yes, apparently they exist).


Look at him - he is healthy and fit, but without the six-packs that seem to go hand in hand with almost every Hollywood heartthrob; he has, almost single-handedly, helped make salt-and-pepper hair fashionable, in an age where even the Superstars (especially Indian ones) resort to hair-dyes and the likes; and in an age where Botox injections are the norm, he is someone who never takes the extra effort to hide the lines on his forehead, the bags under his eyes or the laugh lines around his eyes. So yes, along with every other man, (and before you ask, we've all wondered about it. Some men just wont agree to it) I’ve often wondered, what is this “IT” that women say he’s got?


Yes, he’s improbably handsome, is famous and has a big bank account. But so do a lot of other big names. And after some interesting research (I know, I’m a tad curious occasionally), here’s what I think Mr. Clooney’s “IT” factor is. No - stop smiling now. It's not that. Actually it’s a combination of traits that makes him appear attractive.

Personality & Physical traits

george-clooney-hot-imageThough he’s been referred to as “sexy” a few times, GC (yes, that’s what he’ll be referred to as hence forth on this post) is more frequently described as stylish, charismatic, suave and friendly. If you look at any of the characters he’s played (even the more serious ones) or any of his interviews or even his award speeches, there is just one in a billion chance that you’d think he’s arrogant or snooty. He comes across as a charming person (might not be true, but he exudes that friendly persona well).

He’s extremely fit (once again, not the artificial six-pack kind of fit, but healthy fit) at 52, when most of us (me included) haven't been in that kind of shape since our twenties. His “dreamy eyes” (that was quoted by some of the women I spoke to, I have no idea what dreamy eyes are) have been described as both insightful and intense. A big part of his appeal is that he has this kind of bad-boy image with good guy looks. He is cheeky funny with the ability to be serious. Ok, I’m going to stop with the traits there, before I feel like I should jump off a cliff for having none of those traits.

Monotone Vocal characteristics

Whilst most women haven’t mentioned this, GC’s monotone voice plays an extremely huge part in his appeal with women. And there’s now scientific research to prove that. A study that was carried out at universities in California and Pennsylvania actually found that men whose frequency of voice varied the least reported the most …well…sexual relationships. And this goes hand in hand with the language they used, which when combined with their monotone voice indicated signs of being in control of a situation, more independence and dominance, in a good way of course. So for those men who’ve been blessed with monotone and controlled voices, do not despair or worry that you’ll send your partners or spouses to sleep with your controlled tones - one of the world’s most desirable men is the ultimate Monotone man.

Still not convinced - just watch these clips “What’s in your backpack?” from his movie “Up in the Air”. If you actually read it, it’s pretty dry and you may miss the whole point. But somehow GC, with his brilliant monotone voice makes you see the picture. And you’ll realise the impact of what I said. So turn up the volume and if you can take your eye off this brilliant action, close them and listen.



By celebrity standards, GC is someone whose name is almost never heard being dragged through the mud. Yet, he’s in the news for all the right reasons. Yes, he’s probably had his share of “remarks” but for someone who is talked about as much a he is, GC has done remarkably well to keep his private life…well private. And that is one of the things that makes him really appealing to the opposite sex

Sense of Humor

clooney0508This is a tricky one. Humor is one of the first things that most women look for in a men. Don’t ask me why. I’m just stating the obvious answer to the question that has been thrown at women - celebs and non-celebs alike - “What do you look for in a man?”.

The irony is that humor alone will not get anyone through a relationship. It might help make in-roads, but it’s quite rare that it lasts. The key is to be witty. If you have the ability to think on your feet, not take yourself too seriously and make light of situations, it can often get you out of a lot of things. GC’s self depreciating humor is quite endearing. If you watch any of his interviews, you’ll notice that he uses his humor to effortlessly side step any of those unwanted questions that he doesn’t want to answer. And yet, the host or the interviewer is not offended in anyway. Now, that takes almost a lifetime to perfect, and just adds to his overall appeal. And his almost (might I add freakishly) perfect teeth doesn’t hurt either.Another way that he manages to balance out his humor is that he has the ability to make fun of himself as well as those around him.

Acts his age

george-clooney1Once again, in todays age, when people do everything in their power to try and retain their youth for as long as possible, GC comes across as someone who has never been afraid of his age. Actually, most people know him as the guy with salt-and-pepper hair. As one of the ladies I spoke to artfully put it, “He’s embraced his middle-age so gracefully. He’s not so young to be out of anyone’s league, and not that old to be undesirable”. He comes across as someone who is confident about his age and experience, and women seem to admire that in him. Here's an excerpt from one of his interviews in Playboy magazine - “You don't want to try to look younger because you’ll look wrong. You dye your hair, you look wrong. You wear a bad toupee, you look wrong. You wear makeup to hide things, you get your eyes done, you look wrong.”

And you know what, it’s worked brilliantly for him.

Impeccable Sense of Dressing

george-clooney-styleI don’t think a lot of us (including men) will argue against this point. GC is one of the most well-dressed celebrities around. And of course it doesn’t hurt that he looks brilliant in a tux or a suit. Though I’m no fashion expert, his general dressing sense is kind of the right mix of classic and modern, which goes well with his almost consistent hair-do.  And this is about a good time for me to remind you of something that I’d mentioned in one of my posts : Women are more attracted to men who take the time to groom themselves and dress well (Ref: Interpreting women - Guest post for Rekha Nair Dhyani) And as GC shows, grooming doesn’t always mean a trendy hair cut or that expensive suit; you could look just as presentable in black tee and denim jeans, provided you pay attention to the little details such as washing, ironing and general hygiene. But you’ve got to admit - the man looks pretty stylish even in a pair of shorts and a shirt.


George Clooney is someone who has time and again spoken out on a number of political and social causes. And somehow he always diverts the media’s attention onto the actual situation. Typically in these cases, when celebrities try to be good-will ambassadors, they’re in the news a lot. However with GC, despite the media coverage that surrounds his humanitarian work, he almost never lets the story become about him. When he was awarded the Bob Hope Humanitarian award in 2010 for his work in Dafur and exceptional efforts to mobilize the entertainment industry in service during crises. He signed off his acceptance speech with the following statement:

061“ It's important to remember how much good can get done, because we live in such strange times where bad behavior sucks up all the attention and press. And the people who really need the spotlight: the Haitians, the Sudanese, people in the Gulf Coast.. Pakistan, they can't get any. When the disaster happens, everybody wants to help, everybody in this room wants to help, everybody at home wants to help. The hard part is seven months later, five years later, when we're on to a new story.
Honestly, we fail at that, most of the time. That's the fact. I fail at that.
So here's hoping that some very bright person right here in the room or at home watching can help find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heartbreaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away. That would be an impressive accomplishment. 
Thank you."

Now, that shows a humanitarian with integrity. And that’s part of what makes GC the man he is I suppose.


In a nutshell, it's George Clooney's overall persona that makes him appealing. But my dear fellow men - Stop! Before you run off and get under the surgeon's knife in an attempt to look like him, remember this.

You don’t have to be Clooney, or look like him, to be just as appealing. It’s the qualities that he possesses that add to his appeal, and these are all qualities that can be a part of who you are as well. So the next time you notice a woman go gaga about a guy, instead of shying away or getting offended about it (well, maybe you can be a little bit), observe and take notice. It's not just looks that make men appealing to women. If that was the case I would still be single.

Oh! And I'm not saying everyone can be a George Clooney. I'm merely saying that he has certain traits that we can definitely inculcate in ourselves, should you find the need to.

Of course I’m not touching on his playboy-ish side on purpose. But then I suppose he knows what he wants. And you can’t really blame a man (or woman) for that. So as parting comment, I’ll say this. Just take this post in your stride. Feel free to just ignore everything or don’t even leave a comment if you don’t want. And of course, if you don't like George Clooney, a small insignificant article like this is not going to change that. So each one to their own :)

Though If I don’t see a comment on the post, I know just the reason why - it’s because I have pictures of Mr. Clooney plastered all over the page.

*All images and excerpts sourced from Google Images & Google Search respectively

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