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Lessons from a toddler


Parenting is often compared to a roller coaster ride.“Why worry?” you think to yourself, rather smugly. When your time comes you take your seat on the ride, buckle up and hold on to the handrails tightly, hoping that everything goes smoothly. But nothing can prepare you for that ride full of twists and turns. I’m a father to an active toddler, and over the past 26 months, he’s taught me more than education, books or even my parents could have in almost three decades.  Who would have thought, eh? Whilst some lessons have been about realisation of self-worth and resilience, others have been about the more humorous side of life. Collectively they’ve been my guide to live a more positive life and today I’d like to share some of them with you.

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I was fortunate enough to be invited by Sumeetha Manikandan (a friend and author of The Perfect Groom to come onboard a new project that she was taking up on behalf of a client. The project is all about sharing lessons that we've all learned from our experiences. And I thought, what better way than to pay a little tribute to my little monster who, as I mentioned, has taught me more about life than education or my parents could have. Check out the contributions by other authors at Lessons Learned