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Why believe

As with any blogger/writer, I have days when I jot down random thoughts playing ping-pong in my head. Today was one of those days. Usually, once I’m done with the jotting down act, I re-read it, and then join them together - sort of like the famous game of join the dots - in an attempt to make some sense of it. So here I was, weaving my random thoughts together, and evaluating it, when the final product threw me off guard. Somehow it had turned into a "Motivational/Self-help" kind of post. And the shock - because I'm the last person who should be writing such a post. (Curious ? Read the post to understand why.....)

That’s when I thought of Richa’s blog and her theme for the week - I believe. Strangely enough, my post seemed to fit in with her theme. There was a tiny problem though - I’d virtually known Richa only for about a month and I felt it was too short a period to actually voluntarily send her a guest post. But nevertheless, send I did, and she’s been kind enough to humour me and put it up on her blog.


Now, before I give you the link, there are few things that you need to know about Richa (at least what I know of her):

She has an absolutely amazing and one-of-a-kind blog with an even more uniquely adapted title - The Philospher’s Stone (Note the missing O - Sorry Ms.Rowling, this one isn’t yours)

She claims that fiction is her forte, but one look at her blog posts will tell you the actual truth - she can weave her words beautifully on any topic that you throw at her

Her Twitter profile describes her as “Writer, Photographer, Wife, Design Engineer, Blogger, Trained classical singer, Kathak Dancer, Sister, Daughter, Human- all stumbled into in reverse order.” 

She is passionate about books and writing and her energy and zest for life is completely infectious

She believes that her blog will help keep her thoughts alive  in cyberspace - surviving natural disasters, technology failures and epidemics; basically even the extinction of the human race. See - she’s such an optimist! Bless her:)

 If you’re a fellow blogger or a writer, I’m sure you all know how much a little “pat” on the back means to all us in terms of encouragement and motivation. Richa (aka subzero Richa :)) is someone who can constantly give you that motivation to push ahead, and a kick up your a** if you need that too.

So without further ado, click on the link below, and be prepared to read a pretty mediocre post which may give you the illusion of being well written, simply because it’s located on such a magical blog.

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Why Believe

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