The Runners


I first met Kajal through Write Tribe. Even though we read each other’s posts quite frequently, it was a particular post that actually “ignited” this friendship of ours - a post of mine called “Summer and me”. And then we got chatting via Facebook and before you knew it, we even discovered that we shared not just the love of writing, but also the love for movies. Kajal, in her own words, is what she terms as a “mind vagabond”. And to exercise the plethora of thoughts that fill her mind, she writes not one, but two blogs. The movie aficionado side of hers is clearly visible at Movie Massala where you can find her honest and unbiased critiquing of the latest blockbusters to grace the lovely theatres near you. Her personal blog, Rainbow Hues, is a diverse and colourful collection of beautiful posts written straight from the heart, and can range from  “put-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat” fiction to “relating-sitcoms-to-real-life-scenarios” to “modern-parenting” to “life-lessons”.

As a person, Kajal is bubbly, effervescent (no, she’s not a can of soda!) and totally in love with colours. After all, her life also revolves heavily around her beautiful daughter, aptly named “Dhanak”, which means, no points for guessing, Rainbow.

Kajal, I’m ecstatic at having been able to guest post on your lovely blog, and I sincerely hope, I’ve been able to do it justice. And with that, let's take a peek at what my devious mind has cooked up today.

I go for a morning jog.

What was that sound? Oh, was that you falling off your chair and rolling on the floor laughing?? Haha, very funny! Let’s get back shall we?

One of the best things about a morning jog is that you get to observe what’s around you. No, I’m not talking about the beautiful sunrise, the chirpy birds, the hot babe in those really tight shorts and even more tighter top or that buff young man, who believes that running shirtless showing off his six-packs, biceps, triceps and other muscles that I never even knew existed, is the only way to do so.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts about the post. Feel free to drop your comments either here or on Kajal's blog and I promise to reply soon :)