spousal talk

The Lone sock

“Sid! What have you done?” screamed my wife from the balcony. “What happened love?” I queried innocently. She bundled up the washed clothes from the washing machine, and laid them out.

Image courtesy arial.co.uk

The white sheets had  turned a light shade of pink. And then from deep within the bundle, she picked up a lone tiny red sock. “Darn Rishi!” I thought.

“It was an honest mistake” I said, trying to salvage the situation “Even you could have made it”.

“No way!” she exclaimed. “For starters, I’d do things differently – I would've checked the sheets before dumping them in the machine!”

Write Tribe - 100 Wrods on Saturday

This post has been written for Write Tribe's "100 Words on Saturday" for the prompt  "I’d do things differently"