"That magical night...."

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised. If you find it offensive, turn away now, and all will be well. If you choose to continue, then try and enjoy it.
  He picked me up with finesse. There were no less than twenty-four of us, all in our prime, fresh and untouched. His choices were aplenty; he could have chosen any one of us, with our gorgeous curves and svelte figures. Yet, he chose me. I was ecstatic. I wanted to jump up and down on the table. I wanted to yell at the top of my voice, screaming a resounding “Yes” which could be heard for miles. Despite my heart swelling with pride, I decided to maintain my dignity. After all, we were the pick of the lot. Only a few of us made it to this grand stage; and I wanted the fabulous prize at the end of the road.   He threw me lightly into the air, as if I was the bouquet being thrown at the end of a fairy tale wedding. As my streamlined body cut through the air, reached the peak and free-fell back, he gracefully caught hold of me. He caressed me gently with his hands. I shivered. No, I shuddered. The warm air in the room was in stark contrast to the cooler surroundings of my previous stay. I could feel droplets of condensation starting to run down my shiny body. Oh, how I hoped he did not notice.   He observed me closely. He stared at me. I could see his eyes twinkling….his tongue moisturising those dry, yet juicy lips of his. I could see him wanting to devour me. Yes, I wanted him to too. With me in his strong muscular hands, he walked slowly and confidently towards the bedroom. Oh, if only you could see me smile. He placed me down. “Maybe, I should shower first” he mused out loud. Though I did not say it out loud, I silently willed him to go on.   Image courtesy of Google Image Search As if completely oblivious of my presence, he slowly undressed and then wrapped a towel around his taut waist. I admired those muscular contours of his being. I knew it then. He was the one. The one  I had been waiting for. The one I was going to lose myself to.  As I watched his shower unit steam up from the hot water, I could not help but notice the glistening water drops that dripped down from his wavy hair. Oh, if he could see me blushing. I closed my thin eyelids, and hoped he would be out soon.   As I drifted away with my thoughts, I felt his strong hands on my being again. He smelt wonderful. An eclectic mix of musky shower gel, refreshing deodorant and raw manliness. I snuggled against the curves of his hands. He placed me down with utmost care. Though I knew what was coming next, I couldn’t help but think how it would be. I’d heard the stories. Not all of them were romantic. Some of them were hard to digest; some right out brutal. But I knew he’d be tender. I saw him reappear from across the room. He had a strange little tool in his hand. "Oh, he’s one of them", I thought. "Kinky!”. I’d always wanted to try that.   He silently popped me up, and smiled at me. I watched him eagerly, yet fraught with tension. As I shut my eyelids waiting for the inevitable “pop” of my top, I felt strangely blissful. I must say, he was far gentler than I thought he would be, with the whole process. His luscious lips did all the work, and thankfully so. As I emptied every last bit of me down him, I thought, “He is definitely the one!”   XkSvYMDb2jXc11m112ul  

Right, that was a bit “steamy” if I do say so myself. This was actually a challenge from an acquaintance, and I hope I’ve delivered on what I promised. Now a couple of questions for you. “Who" do you think my protagonist was? Want to know, if you guessed right?

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