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Hail-a-cab in Bangalore


There is absolutely no joy in being stranded in a somewhat alien city in the early hours of the morning. And it is considerably worse when you've been left in the lurch after a delayed fourteen-hour flight from Europe and you have a little one in tow. We had just taken the big step to relocate to Bangalore from London and since we were 'new' in town, we had requested the lovely folks at the serviced apartments that we would be staying at, to arrange a pick up for us from the airport. So large suitcases in hand and a really cranky infant in our arms, my wife and I waited outside the International Airport waiting for the driver to call. Alas, the call never came and we were left rather high and dry. Fortunately, my wife had the presence of mind to jot down the address of our serviced apartment, and we were able to take advantage of the hassle-free Bangalore cab services that were on offer at the airport.

Having a couple of free days before my wife had to begin work, we decided that it would be a good idea to explore the city.  After all, the delightful Garden City had plenty of opportunities for both families and couples alike, to unwind. Or so said the various reviews. But we were in a predicament. Having had a bad experience with the cab service hired by the serviced apartment personnel, we decided to harness technology effectively and search the internet for the best cab service in Bangalore. Within minutes, we had numerous options at our disposal and we swiftly managed to hire a cab and take in the sights of this magnificent city.

Fast forward to the present.

Having been in Bangalore for almost two years now, there are two things that I fear more than anything else - the dreaded traffic and trying to find a parking spot. I've lived in many metropolitan cities over the past three decades, but there is something about the chock-a-block traffic here that makes even the mere thought of taking the car out, quite painful. But that's where the taxi service in Bangalore comes handy. I've stayed in a fair few Indian cities and I must admit that booking a reliable cab service has by far been the most hassle-free here. Of course, it helps that providers are trying their best to woo potential clients with competitive offers. Though there are the challenges about safety, particularly for women, I'd say that the general experience with taxi services has been pretty reliable so far.

And if I'm honest, even though I'm no longer an 'outsider', I would still rather book a cab here rather than take the car. It's just so much easier and less-stressful. And with technology at your fingertips, it's easy-peasy.


Is it the same situation in your city? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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