The fun way to good health with Sunfeast Farmlite


“Exercise? I thought you meant extra-fries!” 

For years, that above phrase defined me. And if I’m honest, I still think there are times when it holds true. If someone so much as mentioned the word exercise, I’d run away like there were a bunch of mindless zombies after my life. But needless to say, after years of excuses, procrastination, medical problems and tons of other unimportant life matters, I recently decided to make a change for the better. All because I felt the need to.

We human beings, have the amazing ability to justify and rationalise the most outrageous things. Not having the time to exercise or not liking to exercise falls largely under this category. And as hypocritical as that sounds, neither of them are acceptable excuses. If you have time for food, you have time for exercise. As for not ‘liking’ to exercise, that’s because the word ‘exercise’ has a negative connotation in your mind. But what if I said there are plenty of ways that you could burn those calories and get into shape (or maintain it, if you’re already healthy and fit) without setting foot in the gym at all? You wouldn’t believe me, would you? Me, neither. But there is. Yes, going to the gym or having a structured physical training program can help you get to your goals faster. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few changes to the activities that you do in your daily life, and still bust all that flab.

There is only one key way to do that - Exercise without exercising. And I’m going to list a few easy-peasy activities that can help you get off that couch and take the first step towards a healthier you.


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I know. That’s a strange word. But I daresay, it sounds better than the boring ‘exercise’, doesn’t it? The key idea behind the word is to associate the element of fun to an otherwise mundane activity. So replace the activities such as walking and running with fun activities like dancing or cycling or even team sports. If you have little kids, then play a game of ‘catch-me’, ‘tag’ or even throw the ball around a bit. Not only will you be burning calories, you’ll be strengthening those familial bonds too. So next time, don’t exercise - funskersize.

Tag-team those chores

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Unless you have a set of people hired with the sole purpose of doing every single chore for you, we all have those little household chores that we need to tackle. The more we look at them as chores that need to be done, the more daunting the task. Instead, get your partner or even other family members and turn it into a bit of a competition. You not only burn those calories, but also have a lot of fun in the process. And as for the chores - there they go, floating out the window.


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Okay, I know I’m over doing it a bit, but work with me here - it’s for a good cause. Most of us work - be it in an office or from home or even at home. It’s all work, regardless of whether you're getting paid for it or not. There are calls to be made and answered, emails to be replied to and deadlines to be met. But surely you can fit in a bit of workout in between all of this. “But, how?” I hear you ask. For starters, if you’re in an office, instead of shooting off an email / Instant Message/ speed-dialling that person who sits three desks away from you, get off your comfortable leather-padded chair, and walk up to them. Do this regularly and not only does this burn calories, but also helps you maintain that much-needed human interaction. And for the rest of us ‘working -from or at home’ - every time you need to speak to a client on the phone or type away an email on that smart phone or tablet of yours, just stand up, push back that chair and walk around. Yes, they’re all little steps, but they all add up. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, don’t conduct those weekly office meetings at a cafe or a restaurant. Instead have team-building events or even try the late-Steve Jobs’ ‘walking meeting’.

Get Gaming

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While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s better than being stuck in front of that idiot box  munching popcorn or digging deep into that tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 'If you have the technology, use it!’ said some wise person. If you own one of the modern gaming consoles complete with the motion sensors, then use that more often. They get you moving and you’ll actually enjoy the workout that you get. For the rest of us, even if you play Candy Crush or Words with Friends on your smartphones or tablets, try to play it while walking around or at least standing up. As a famous game manufacturer puts it, “It's in the game!"

Eating right

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Taking that first step towards a healthier you, isn’t all about just infusing calorie-busting activities into your daily life. It’s also about eating right. That doesn’t mean you need to frown and take a solemn oath to ‘go on a diet’. No, it’s simply about substituting those calorie-rich contents with ones that are healthier and then portion the sizes out. Try and involve the entire family in planning a meal. Make a game out of it, by determining who can find the healthiest and simple recipes. Nutritionists say that the biggest challenge that modern living throws us, is how to stay full in between meals. Most of us resort to snacking and in the long run, these do more harm than good. Especially since there are limited options for healthy snacking.

This is exactly where the all-new Sunfeast Farmlite cookies come handy. Packing in unique flavour combinations of Oats & almonds and Oats & raisins (honestly, I never thought these combinations would work - but they do!), these biscuits are loaded with oats and wheat fibre and contains Proteins, Iron and Magnesium.

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And just like the new-me, Sunfeast too believes that being healthy should be fun. So through the innovative  Farmlite Bytes Film festival campaign , they’ve decided to do just that. They've managed to put together a one-of-its-kind campaign which is not just humorous and interactive but also manages to drive home, the point -  'health is wealth'. The videos are also as refreshing as a whiff of fresh air, in this age of celebrity-endorsed advertisements. And if you’re wondering which one is my favourite, it has to be the ‘healthier Dubey-ji' one below.




Check this link out for seven incredibly delightful and lively Sunfeast Farmlite videos that tell us ‘Health is indeed fun'.

So next time you’re on the treadmill, don’t think of it as running. Think of it as you chasing a nice, gooey, rich, chocolate cake that’s playing hard to get.  Stay fit, everybody.