The League of 'Ordinary' Toddlers


If you’re familiar with the works of Enid Blyton, you’ll know that a lot of her books, be it the Secret Seven series or the Famous Five ones, all thrived on the concept of ‘Secret Clubs’. And growing up, these always intrigued me. I couldn't help but wonder if they had some sort of set membership criteria? Or if they had a set of guidelines or statutes that they had to abide by? Anyway, as I grew up, I lost interest and it wasn’t until I recently re-read some of her books, that I realised that the concept was something you could take and put into any context. Now, since a lot of my posts on the blog revolve around my toddler, I started to think about how 'interesting' it would be, if toddlers did have a sort of secret group or union. And what might their guidelines be. Since, I had a few minutes to spare, I thought it might be amusing to jot some of their so-called 'rules of engagement'.

So here goes :

  1. Never acknowledge the existence of the league. Do not babble / mumble/ shout / whisper about the league.
  2. If you must learn one word during your toddler years, it must be the word NO. Whatever the question is, the answer must be No. Unless you’re asked if you want cake or chocolate or general junk food. Then the answer is always YES.
  3. Under no circumstance, should you agree to put on an article of clothing in the very first instance. Let the requester sweat a little, perhaps even run around the room a bit.
  4. Do not accept anything without a bribe. Chocolates, cake, ice cream - they’re all valid bribes. Important: Once you get what you want, do whatever the hell it was you were going to do anyway.
  5. If you spot a fellow toddler crying, you shall show your support by crying with them. Louder, if possible.
  6. If Mommy says ‘NO’ to something you want, always remember to ask Daddy separately, and vice versa. If all fails, ask grandparents. Or throw a tantrum.
  7. Thou shall always put some extra things into the shopping cart, when possible. The more you put, the more likely you are to get at least one of them.
  8. Stay tuned to these phrases that your parents might use. Stop it!, Put it down, Do not touch it, Do not run;  Always do the opposite.
  9. When it comes to food, clothes are friends. Hence some food must always be 'offered' to them. Floors, carpets, couches, car seats, mommy's hair - they're all friends too. Important: No sharing food with parents. Or other toddlers.
  10. If you’re given pizza, ask for a sandwich. If you’re given a sandwich, ask for pizza. If you’re given both, ask for noodles. The combinations are endless. Note: Impromptu and creative requests can give you bonus points, which can be redeemed when running for ‘Head Toddler’.
  11. If you spot freshly washed clothes, you must do everything in your power to dirty them. Also folded clothes are the enemy - they must be unfolded at any cost. Especially if they are ironed
  12. You must always wait till you’re given a bath, to get dirty. The cleaner you feel, the dirtier you must get. Dirt is good.
  13. If there is button, especially a bright red coloured one, you MUST press it. How else will you know what it does?
  14. The walls are your canvas. Go Picasso on them. Note: Bonus points if you can do so with a permanent marker.
  15. Food that you avoid like the plague at your house, should be devoured with relish when offered at someone else’s house. After all, your parents did teach you good manners.
  16. And finally, no matter what the matter is, if in trouble, always make a cute pout with puppy eyes and all will be forgiven.


Now, let’s go have some fun.

Sid’s note

I’ve been told that some of my posts have made people wonder why they should have kids, if everything involving them is so difficult. Honestly, I have no answer for each. I can only say the following. Kids are annoyingly adorable. Yes, at times, they may make your head explode with their stubbornness, lack of logic and doing just the opposite of what you ask them to. But the fact that a really cute smile or pout can actually melt your heart, is perhaps the reason why we parents give into most things they ask for. After all, they’re only going to remain kids for a certain period of time. So every experience is truly worth it.

Also, I’m pretty sure that once my son can ‘understand’ everything that I write under Daddy Journals, I’m going to be threatened with a defamation and character assassination law suit. So, until then, let me have a little fun (and publicity) at his expense :D

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