The Phone Call


Private number calling

The flashing message on her muted smart phone, sent shivers down Roshni’s spine. Even without answering, she knew it was him - the mysterious stranger with the slightly scratchy voice, who’d been threatening her for a week now. Yet, she felt compelled to answer the phone.

“I’m coming for you, Roshni” he said, his raspy voice causing her panic levels to rise. She clutched the phone tightly, resisting the urge to scream out loud. No, she would not give him the satisfaction of knowing that she was scared.

"F**k you!" she said firmly, before disconnecting the phone. Taking a second to compose herself, Roshni ran to the attic of the bedroom that she had once shared with her brother, Rohit.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures outside, she found the attic relatively warm and somewhat cosy. This was her happy place - the one place, where all her worries melted away. Even though it had been a decade since her brother had been killed, she could still sense his presence here. Despite all their differences, Rohit had been fiercely loyal and overprotective of his elder sister. For a moment, she felt her body tingle, as if his spirit was embracing her. Yes, she would fight this psychopath who was after her. She owed it to her brother.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. Picking out her phone from the back pocket, she carefully dialled the emergency number. The soothing voice of the operator promised to put a trace on the mysterious number and send a police patrol around as soon as possible.  Huddling against the attic wall, she raised her knees against her chest, hugging them for warmth and comfort. Impatiently, she waited for the familiar siren of the Police vehicle.

A few minutes later, her phone buzzed again. It said, “Unknown number calling”.

Her hands trembling, she answered the phone.  "Hello?" she whispered, her voice starting to waver.

It was the 911 operator. She was calling back as promised. “Ma’am. We have dispatched two policemen to your address. They’ll be there in ten minutes!"

Roshni sighed loudly, relieved at the quick response.

Just as she was about to hang up the call, she heard the operator say, “Please don't panic, but the calls are coming from your attic!” 


This is written for the prompt 'Scream' as part of the Blog-A-Rhythm's Wordy Wednesdays

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