Want a Happy Baby?


No, don't worry! I'm not selling babies  - happy or otherwise ;) People often say a lot of things about parenting. Some say it's hard, some say it's emotionally and physically draining, some say that it's the perfect thing in the world. Of course, the opinions will vary depending on who you catch hold of and on what day. But here's something that every single parent will agree to:


A happy baby is just god-given perfection.

The peals of laughter that erupt from their little mouths or the joyous (and often, toothless) smiles they give us when they're content and happy - nothing can beat the sanctity of that moment. You feel so much at peace and if you could, you would want to preserve that moment forever.


When we had our son, I was still a corporate slave and working ridiculous hours. But every single moment that I could afford to spare, I would sit up with my little one. And needless to say, I discovered both the joyous (and not so joyous) aspects of parenting. But perhaps the most important takeaways from my initial lessons were how to ensure our baby was happy and content. So, for the benefit of any new/fellow parents who may be reading this, I'm going to share these:


Establish a routine Yes, I know. It doesn't sound as fun and silly, but it's perhaps one of the most important things for a baby. If they have an established pattern or routine for sleeping and eating, that's half your battle sorted.


Never underestimate the power of a good quality diaper. Of course, since babies are not potty-trained, ensuring that they feel comfortable in a diaper even if they've managed to dirty it, is imperative. A good dry diaper, such as the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants, can ensure that the little ones are happy and content, regardless of whether they're sleeping or awake. Need more proof, check out the video below:




Entertain them While you possibly need to entertain them so that they aren't bored, here's another simple truth. A baby's laughter is perhaps the most amazing music that your ears will ever listen to. And it's easy to get them to do that. These are few  of the things I've done to make my little one smile and giggle nonstop.

  •  Unusual Sounds Think of the strangest sound that you can imagine. Something extremely unusual. Even a different tone or voice. And then just speak to them. I can guarantee you that in no time, they'll be giggling away. I would often use a balloon and use the air from it to change my voice. It used to send my son into giggling spurts
  • Tickle them pink.  And I mean it. Most babies are really ticklish and since they can't understand what the sensation is, most of them just end up giggling. And of course turn pink in the process. It works especially well during bath time. I'm sure there's a scientific reasoning behind it, but it just gives you so much pleasure to see them laugh away.
  • Blow Raspberries  To an onlooker it looks like the silliest activity one can engage in, with a baby. But from experience, I can tell you that it is perhaps the most effective. The 'prrrt' sound  (that's the best imitation of the sound that I can come up with!) against the baby's skin, especially on the tummy can make them squeal in delight.
  • Laugh with them Perhaps there is nothing more contagious that you laughing along with them. Even a fake laugh can elicit genuine cute chuckles from the babies.



So in short, make sure they're clean, well-fed, have enough sleep and some 'entertainment' time, and your  baby (and you) will remain happy always! So simple, isn't it?  
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Image Courtesy : Freedigitalimages.net/photostock.