What I Found Out Last Week - Vol 2

The thing about best-laid plans is that they tend to go awry quite often.When I started this section on the blog, I had planned to write once every few weeks. Also, I honestly did not think it would be popular. Clearly, I was wrong on both counts. The sudden success of Vol One of this section (along with the good-natured ass whooping by readers) and the cycle of news that refreshes so quickly that information from earlier in the day becomes termed as ‘dated’ by the same evening, has meant that I probably will need to publish more often.

Here’s Vol Two of the great information dissemination wave. [Some of it might be old news, but hey, I’m repackaging it neatly. With gift wrap and a bow to top it all]

Mumbai Potholes.jpg

For decades, potholes and Indian roads have coexisted, like acne marks on teenagers. And for a long time, contractors have successfully managed to apply a light retouch of makeup, till the torrential rain comes down and washes it all off. And it is perhaps no more clear than in the glorious city of Mumbai.

In fact, in a classic case of ‘If we have it, let's flaunt it.' there’s even a report of how a few Mumbaikars are trying to get enough evidence to propel the city’s famed potholes into both the Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records. Of course, the bigger news is that some people have decided that instead of repairing the roads, they’ll just build a flyover over the pothole-riddled roads. Because that way, we’ll have potholes both on the ground and above it.

Image Courtesy: FakingNews.com

An advert about a matrimonial meet in one of South India’s leading newspapers caused quite a furore a few days back. Titled ‘Young Achievers Matrimony’ (YAM) Meet, the ad (which has since been taken down) redefined the very interpretation of ‘achievement’ by including ‘beautiful girls’ as one of the defining criteria. So, if you’re in the market for a luxury spouse, sounds like this is the place to be at. But in a way, it is pretty satisfying to know that even the ultra-rich and ‘beautiful’ people need help to get hitched. Welcome to India - we like to arrange marriages.
Image Courtesy: TheHindu

1533124819754 And what news would be complete without the Meme person of the year - US President Donald Trump. After playing a round of verbal roulette of ‘Would and Wouldn’t’ during his trip to Russia, and thereby being immortalised graphically (yet again) in memes, he is back to proclaiming that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Of course, repeating the same thing over and over hoping for a different result is what some wise person (was it Einstein?) once referred to as Insanity. Or as parents may know it, what toddlers do. And Trump is well, either. Or both.
Image Courtesy: Chattanooga Times Free Press

1533124893616 In other-worldly events, another Blood Moon appeared on the horizon last week, bringing with it yet another set of doomsday conspiracies, water bodies turning red and many other rather picturesque descriptions of how the world would end that night. Of course, the lunar eclipse who wasn’t clearly foretold about these prophecies merely appeared and disappeared. While some of us were happy just sky watching, WhatsApp servers suffered outage from the number of messages Indian parents sent their kids asking them to not eat or drink during the eclipse.
Image Courtesy: ImgFlip.com

Condom manufacturer Durex has issued a product recall over fears that some of its 'Real-Feel' condoms could split. It is said to be the biggest 'pull out' in recent years.

1533124965518 Apparently, Kitten Yoga is a new trend that has seen a lot of adopters. Before you start imagining cute feline friends stretching in hot pants and sweats (I know it’s rather difficult to stop picturing it now!), it is nothing like it sounds. An animal charity in the US is hosting a set of classes where yogis can play with these cute creatures while practising one of your many yoga poses. So, while you’re doing your downward dog pose, a little kitten could be walking around your legs and hands. Sometimes, settling even on top of you. They say it's quite relaxing. Now, replace kittens with little kids and you’ll understand how parents do yoga (or any kind of exercise) around little kids.
Image Courtesy: Meowingtons.com

1533125031192 The new KIKI challenge is here and has taken the world by storm. Also known as the ‘In my Feelings’ challenge, it involves jumping out of a moving car and breaking into dance moves while Drake’s hit ‘My feelings’ plays in the background. All of this while the car continues to move. And now it’s come to India too and the police have warned people to stay safe and not attempt it because you have to get out of a moving car. Of course, we probably don’t have much to worry about this in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. After all, we spend more time stuck in traffic than actually moving.
Image Courtesy: GQ India

1533125100136.jpg Who doesn’t like ice cream? Okay, maybe Ross Geller doesn’t, but most of us do. But how about Mayonnaise Ice Cream? [Yeah, I think I made precisely that same face you are when I heard about it.] A Scottish ice-cream store has decided to take their love for mayo to a whole new level by mixing Hellman’s mayonnaise with their proprietary ice cream mix, and it’s going viral. So, would you like fries with that?
Image Courtesy: Ice Falkrik Instagram

1533125180017 To finally round it off, fashion has always baffled me. And it continues to perplex me even more with Instagram fashion, especially when it comes to nail art. Like this new fad of ‘Brush or Comb Nails’. Tangled hair? Undefined curls? Too wavy? Fear not, nail comb is here. And if you’re worried about how you’ll hold your toothbrush with those nails, don’t worry! I hear Toothbrush nails are soon to be a thing.
Image Courtesy : Nail_Sunny Instagram