Why don't you listen to me?


It's a question that I've pondered over for days, weeks and months at a stretch. A question, that has given me sleepless nights, probably caused my BP to shoot through the roof many times and at times, turn me into a less-cute-r (Yeah! I said it!), angrier version of me that nobody likes. Not even me.  

"Why don't you listen to me?"


Research (and by that I mean a large amount of parenting blogs and other confusing sources of information including Google!) says that most parents go through such phases with their kids. Especially during these toddler-turning-into-young-kids-with-the-personalities-of-a-teen ages. So in short, the terrible Two's lead to the terrorist Three's which in turn leads to the Fearless Four's.

Don't get me wrong. I love my son. In fact, there are days when I love him so much that I want to crush him into a little doll. (Okay, Sid! Stay cool!). And then there are the days where he pushes my button. No, actually strike that. He takes the invisible remote control to the 'anger-inducing' part of my brain and then dances on the said remote. And worst of all, when he's in one of those moods, no amount of anger or love can stop him.

Most days, it ends with me being an emotional wreck, screaming the question at him : "Why don't you listen to me?". And he just stands there, calmly smiling. As if he's just won the First prize in an elocution contest.

Well, today - and no, apparently, it's no coincidence that it's on Father's day - my son (with some help with my lovely wife, Janaki) finally tells me 'Why I don't listen to you!'.

So, head on over to the talented Jaibala Rao's blog and read what he has to say. Oh! And he's totally holding her blog ransom for my good behavior.

Kids! I tell you!


Note:  The truth to this post would be that I had absolutely NO idea what my wife was upto, until I had read this lovely post from her, on behalf of Rishi - our son. She had been extremely secretive the past few days and kept telling me, 'I'm going to embarrass you for Father's Day. Yes, I'm going a bit red around my ears - but it's not from embarrassment; it's just from the thoughtfulness behind this lovely gesture. To say that I'm overwhelmed, will be an understatement.  Thank you, Janaki ! And of course, thank you, Rishi - the one whose tales inadvertently catapulted me to whatever fame I enjoy presently. And finally, thank you, Jaibala. My wife must trust you implicitly to 'plant' this dedication on your lovely blog. You're a true friend.

*Now, all of you, turn around while I wipe my tears of happiness*

PPS:Hadn't planned on a post for 'Father's Day'. In case you were wondering :)